All-Star 2014: Howling climax between China and South Korea

Reflecting the Magma Chamber 1v1 and 2v2 match-ups at the 2013 All-Star Shanghai, this year’s final challenge at All-Star Paris was a solo or duo fight to the death for Team Ice and Team Fire. This time the challenge was set on the Howling Abyss but with the same rules as before; the first to 100 CS or the first kill or the first turret taken secures a win and a point. In the case of the Super Match-Up a win would secure three additional points for the team.
It was a huge pressure for the players who were chosen by their team captains (Froggen for Ice and Diamond for Fire) to compete and it was the last chance for them to not only show off their skills but take home the coveted first place position.
(Ice) Archie versus (Fire) Shy
Archie and Shy opted for AD carries picks for their Howling Abyss matchup, with Archie on Varus and Shy taking up Quinn respectively. Archie started the game taking Hail of Arrows first whereas Shy took Blinding Assault and underestimated his own damage output in an immediate clash. Both sides used all their summoner spells and Archie took the lead in CS whilst Shy returned to fountain to lick his wounds. Back in lane Shy killed Archie with a Blinding Assault and Vault combo, winning a game for Team Fire and finally giving him the honour of winning an All-Stars skill match-up in just over three minutes.
(Ice) Cool versus (Fire) QTV
A surprise mirror match came next as Cool and QTV decided upon the blind monk Lee Sin for their colliding confrontation. Cool dominated Team Fire yesterday as Lee Sin in the Pick-10 challenge and earned a win for Team Ice. He was off to a calm and controlling start today as well and the Ice Lee Sin was very calculating as he mechanically froze the lane. QTV was behind in CS and with Cool reaching 90 out of the winning 100 CS score, QTV jumped in with a Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike combo as a last-ditch effort. But it was not enough and Cool took back a win for Team Ice.


(Ice) Doublelift & MadLife versus (Fire) Diamond and Bjergsen
This was truly a match of ice and fire, with Doublelift and MadLife choosing the frosty Arctic Ops skins for Varus and Kennen and Diamond and Bjergsen burning brightly with Brand and Annie. There were constant fights between the duos but ultimately, Team Fire ended out on top with strategic stuns and MadLife’s All-Star skill match-up crown had to be relinquished.

Super Match-Up (Ice) Froggen versus (Fire) WeiXiao
At this point Team Ice and Fire were equal at five points and a Super Match-Up win would give the champion of this challenge an overall win for their team. Ice’s Froggen chose Yasuo whereas Fire member WeiXiao decided upon Jarvan IV. The two were cheek-to-cheek but then WeiXiao struggled a bit against Froggen and had to recall to fountain for health regeneration. Froggen used this time wisely and took the tower and the game, giving Team Ice eight points and the overall win at All-Star. 

All-Star Finals – OMG versus SK Telecom T1 K
The final regional matches were waited for by baited breath. The best-of-5 series could be explosive as it determines the best region of the event.

Game one was achingly close between the two Asian powerhouses with the OMG jungler Pomelo being a bit behind due to a very confident first blood kill on him by SK Telecom T1 K’s Bengi. But Pomelo hit back, using his global ultimate Grand Skyfall to his advantage and constantly jumped all around the map to create opportunities for OMG. Faker was uninspiring on Oriana but his Chinese counterpart Xiyang was an overpowering Syndra, working in combination with the sneaky San on Twitch to give the Chinese team the lead over SK Telecom. The Koreans weren’t done just yet however as they caught out Allen and it gave them the elusive Baron buff. SK Telecom took two inhibitors initially and after close skirmishes later on by the nexus, took the first game.

The second game contrasted heavily with the first, and SK Telecom respected Xiyang by banning the Syndra away from the OMG midlaner. Allen secured his Thresh favourite but unlike the earlier OMG games at All-Stars, failed to make an impression. Unlike the first game where he only just about made a dent, Faker ruled the map with Twisted Fate endlessly using Destiny for well-timed kills against the Chinese team. OMG tried their best to respond by catching out the Koreans with four man ganks but it was to no avail. SK Telecom convincingly secured their second win in the series.

Continuing on with the positivity from winning two games of the series so far, SK Telecom started the third game confidently. Faker took away Syndra for himself whereas Xiyang reflected the first match of the series by picking Oriana. Piglet and PoohManDu brought back Vayne and Zyra to the table as well as donning their SK Telecom T1 skins. In the game itself two-man stuns from Syndra and great teleports from Impact on the botlane gave the SK Telecom the lead over OMG. It was just too much to handle for OMG and SK Telecom won the final game of the series taking first place at the 2014 All-Star for South Korea without having lost a single game this event. 


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