5 reasons to watch the Wargaming.net Grand Finals

5) The skill

What might seem like a simple game at first actually goes much deeper. World of Tanks isn't just about tanks blowing each other up - it's two teams facing off against one another, each making key tactical decisions in order to bring home the victory.

Knowing when and where to strike can be the difference between taking down an opponent's tank or getting caught out of position yourself. Combine that with accuracy and movement prediction and the game suddenly seems a lot harder.

4) The teams

Fourteen teams have made their way to Warsaw, Poland for the Grand Finals of the Wargaming.net League. These fourteen teams weren't just chosen at random - they're the best around. Due to their exceptional play and consistency throughout the season, twelve teams qualified for the Grand Finals. The other two teams were specially selected by the Wargaming.net eSports team for excellent performances in their region and tournaments around the world.

3) The prize distribution

The prize pool for the Wargaming.net Grand Finals is quite something! US$300,000 will be given away during the tournament, albeit in a somewhat unconventional way. Thanks to the Blitz Mechanism and the way Wargaming has set up the finals, money will be won in every game! This means that every match a team wins will net them a share of the prize pool.

The closer you get to the finals, the more money is on the line, so every match becomes more and more important. A team that has won all of their matches can win up to US$100,000, and even more with the Blitz Mechanism.

2) The Monolith

One of the best-looking trophies in the world, The Monolith stands out from the rest. Finely crafted from steel, the strongest team in the world will be able to bring home this magnificent trophy.

1) The broadcasting team

For such a spectacular event as the Wargaming.net League Grand Finals, the best possible broadcasting team was selected to bring you the games both at home and at the event. These faces will be familiar to any World of Tanks viewer, and will guide you through each day of the tournament and keep you up to date on what's going down.

You can find out more about the English broadcasting team in the official announcement.

Find out more information about the Wargaming.net League Grand Finals on the official website: http://thegrandfinals.com.


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