WCS Europe’s top 16 to be determined this week

Ten players have made it through already, while six are yet to be determined in the WCS Europe Premier League. Groups F, G, and H, all set to finish within the week, are incredibly stacked. With multiple WCS champions, runner-ups and top four finishers, these three groups will see some of the most dominant forces in the European scene clash for the six remaining spots in the round of 16.

Group F - The reigning champion and Golden’s European debut

Just about anything could happen in this group. With reigning champion MC, there’s an easily predicted first place, but who will take the second? Both TLO and Happy have shown top results throughout their careers, but neither of them are exactly consistent. They have demonstrated that they can beat top Koreans, but they’ve also lost to players they were clearly expected to come out on top of. Adding to the inconsistency of these two, there’s the newcomer Golden - with this being his debut in the European WCS, no one knows what to expect of him. Interesting results are sure to emerge from these four, so don’t miss out.

Group G - Three top Terrans, a Zerg and only two spots in the Ro16

Three of the most consistent Terran players in the European region will face off in Group G, joined by Russian Zerg player LiveZerg. Previous groups in this season have shown the mighty fall as Terran players such as Mvp and jjakji were eliminated with fourth place finishes in their respective groups. Now two of the arguably best Terrans in Europe will face off, namely ForGG and MMA. Can they dominate where their Terran comrades have failed, or will they stand defeated in Thursday’s Group G?

Group H - European top contenders and another WCS debut

If you look at Group H, you will immediately see three of Europe’s most familiar names: Grubby, VortiX and Tefel. All three have had international and European successes, and all three of them will always remain a force to be reckoned with - between them, they have a respectable number of top 16 or higher finishes within the WCS Premier League, after all. Facing the European powerhouses will be one of the Korean newcomers to the European Premier League: Patience. He has a lot to prove facing these players, and there’s no telling whether he can and will make it through. We hope you’re as hyped for these three groups as we are!

Make sure to tune in on May the 27th, May the 29th and May the 31st respectively to see Europe’s best StarCraft II players clash on their road to not only the Premier League finals, but also the Global Final at BlizzCon. The first group, Group F, will be played out tonight, at 18:00 CEST - watch here.


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