Ups and downs in the European ESL One New York qualifier

Sixteen teams stood at the starting line of the European qualifier for ESL One New York with only four being able to reach the finish. As the first matches have been played out, teams are on the brink of getting knocked out of the tournament while others have almost secured their ticket to the Big Apple. Let’s take a look at what happened in the last few days.

Moscow 5 vs. Alliance: One step closer to New York

In perhaps the best and most interesting matchup, the Russian Moscow 5 took on the Swedish juggernauts Alliance for a spot in the upper bracket finals. Both teams gave a great performance coming into this game as Alliance dominated Crypsis and Moscow 5 took down crowd favorite Team Tinker.

As if nothing had changed in the last couple of months, Alliance started off the series in dominating fashion. Thanks to their aggressive tri-lane, Alliance was able to invade Moscow 5’s jungle and take down PGG multiple times. Some early kills and towers later, Alliance clearly had the advantage and snowballed ahead. Moscow 5 couldn’t stop the pushing power of the Swedes, and had to tap out 17 minutes into the game.

Game two, however, would not go as easily for Alliance as the first. In a game full of twists and turns, Moscow 5 took the early lead with an unusual but potent Luna/Void/Mirana combination. Add to that a Pugna and Wraith King and both heroes and towers were on their target list. However, Alliance didn’t give up that easily. and the game went from team fight to team fight. This all resulted in a nailbiting game with an ending you have to see for yourself!

Team Tinker vs. Crypsis: The fight for survival

The relatively unknown Crypsis faced off against a team that is nothing if not the opposite in a match that would decide who among them would drop out of the tournament. However, while Crypsis might’ve been unknown before the match started, they will now be talked about for days to come.

Early into the first game of the matchup, one thing became abundantly clear: Crypsis was here to fight, and fight they did. They punished Team Tinker’s lineup over and over, and looked to take down their opponents in quick fashion. Then something happened: Team Tinker didn’t give up - they kept playing, with Crypsis unable to get any objectives done despite having such a big lead. Be sure to check out the VOD to see the conclusion of this epic game!

You can find these and any other matches you missed on the joinDOTA YouTube channel, where you can experience all these amazing games for yourself. To keep up to date with upcoming matches in all the qualifiers, head on over to the official ESL One New York website or check out our coverage of the first round of qualifiers right here on

ESL One New York is bringing Dota 2 to the Big Apple this October! On Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th of October, Madison Square Garden Theater will be the place to be for any true Dota 2 fan. Join the eight best teams in the world as they battle it out in front of thousands of fans - get your ticket now!


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