The top six moments of ESL One New York

ESL One New York has provided us with some of the most memorable Dota 2 games of the year during the two day event at the Madison Square Theater. For those of you that missed out or simply want to relive the best of the action, we have compiled the top moments of the tournament for you right here.

EG.Fear: Timely Brewmaster micro!

Disabling isn’t enough for Fear - he managed to stack his Tornado perfectly with Alchemist’s self stun for an easy kill.

Lod[A] and [A]kke: T-t-triple kill!

Loda turns a 1v3 engagement around with the help of a great Global Silence by Akke.

Secret.Kuroky: Escaping the space cow

Kuroky survives in the face of Zeus and AA ultimates as well as an angry iceiceice Spirit Breaker.

Na’Vi.fng: Trees are not so good with motion, you know

fng holds Tiny in the trees for a solid minute before getting him killed.

Secret.Kuroky: The four-man Chronosphere turnaround

The Chronosphere that got Team Secret into the semifinals.

The thrilling end to game one between Alliance and Evil Geniuses

The game on a knife’s edge. Mega creeps, Rapier pickups, backdooring and drawn out teamfights - the final minutes of game one between Alliance and Evil Geniuses has it all!
These were just some of the moments that stood out during the event. If you enjoyed any other big plays, let us know in the comments below or by tweeting them at @ESL and @ESLDota2!

And, in case you want to relive any of these thrilling series, you can now take your pick from our ESL One New York playlist!

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