Undefeated: interviewing the leader of team Vermillion

It’s down to the wire in the Guild Wars 2 Pro League, with just one more week of regular season play before we head off into the season finals on February 20th. One team have stood out, in the unique position of being the only team to remain 100% undefeated in the Pro League - not one map lost. That team is, of course, Vermillion.

Coming up from underdog status, Vermillion really had a chance to prove themselves in week two, taking out WTS victors Orange Logo in a drawn out 2 - 0 set. Beating powerhouse The Civilized Gentlemen soundly, in week five, further cemented Vermillion as a team to be reckoned with. Cool and collected, Vermillion have proven themselves capable of predicting the strategies of the opposing teams, no matter the composition, and reacting swiftly.

In these final days leading up to the finals, we had a chat with team leader, Argi, to find out a bit more about how the team got together, and the behind the scenes.

ESL: Hey Argi! I just want to get more of an idea of you guys as a team: how long have you been playing together? And have you made any significant roster changes?
Argi: The complete current roster was made right before the Pro League started. Other then that the team, Vermillion, was made around 4 months ago. With Pro League announced we decided to replace one of our members called Zuik [now in More Guns Than Roses] with Kervv, who was teamless at the time.

ESL: We saw you guys back in the Go4. When exactly did you make the decision to play GW2 competitively, and why?
Argi: As soon as we made the team we decided to play competitively and try to get as strong as possible. We did quite decent, even though we just started playing together so there was some high hopes and potential.

ESL: You’ve done so well in the Pro League so far, taking on the greats from the Go4 and absolutely dominating. What would you say is your biggest achievement?
Argi: Our biggest achievement so far is definitely beating TCG 2-0. It was a very important match, that we were not very confident in due to the lack of practice we had. We couldn't practice much, because there were unfortunate timings between the holidays of players and scrim partners.

ESL: Give us an idea about how often you’re doing scrims, or practicing together.
Argi: We don't really have a set schedule of how often we scrim, but usually we try to scrim at least three days a week. Although if we have a match coming up that we are not very confident in, we try to scrim every day.

ESL: Who would you say is your biggest threat - even going as far as the finals?
Argi: If we would make it to the finals then i would say our biggest threat is going to be the Abjured from NA, simply because we don't know how they play. Also there is a big variety of compositions players use between Europe and North America, so we have no clue on how those work yet, and what could be the strongest.

ESL: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Best of luck!

Join us for the next matches!

Tune in on Monday the 25th of January for the last games of Guild Wars 2 Pro League Season 1!  Visit the Pro League’s official website for all the latest information and follow ESL Guild Wars 2 on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.


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