The powerhouse of NA: an interview with The Abjured

You may know them as the most undefeated team in NA - and you’d be right. Holding the top spot for over a year, they haven’t lost a match on their home turf in recent memory (or any memory). They’re just that good, and they’re The Abjured.

The most recent WTS champions, The Abjured were almost destroyed by the talent from EU. But, in true Abjured style, the boys rallied to take the top spot. With just over two weeks left until the finals in the UK, let’s see if the team can yet rally again.

We had a quick chat with Phantaram and to be honest, Seth had us a little starstruck.

ESL: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me - how are you feeling coming out on top? 
Phantaram: Coming out on top was expected but nonetheless I feel great about our performance during the season and where our new experience can take us.

ESL: Losing is such a rarity for The Abjured. You're fantastic at coming back from a dropped map, but what headspace are you in when you do suffer a defeat?
Phantaram: I think there is an ever so slight amount of panic but we immediately start talking about our plan for the next map to keep our head in the game.

ESL: With the finals just around the corner, how are you feeling about coming up against EU?
Phantaram: We are feeling pretty confident but aren't going to underestimate our opponents because we know how much of a threat they can be based on past events.

ESL: Given that you've held the top spot in NA for such a long time, how do you think the competition stacks up against the variety in EU?
Phantaram: I do think overall EU is better but NA is catching up to the point where EU now has things to learn from NA where in the past it felt like NA had catching up to do in every aspect.

ESL: What does the meta change mean for The Abjured? Will we see a return of a classic Abjured comp? Perhaps more of you on ele...
Phantaram: That is for us to know and everyone else to find out! I will say that we feel very comfortable and are enjoying the new meta a lot so far.

ESL: And finally, how many Abjured members can Toker bench?
Phantaram: I'd say all four of us but he incurs too many back injuries from carrying in-game. I'd guess two.

Tune in for the finals!

We are back on Saturday, February 20th, for the Guild Wars 2 Pro League Season Finals, live from the UK!  Visit the Pro League’s official website for all the latest information and follow ESL Guild Wars 2 on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.


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