The ESL One Battlefield 4 Summer 2015 season is upon us – now with Squad Obliteration!

With the spring season behind us, it’s time to head into the 2015 summer season of ESL One Battlefield 4. However, the upcoming season will be different from the others as the tournament will be making a switch to a new Battlefield 4 mode: Squad Obliteration.

What is Squad Obliteration?

In Squad Obliteration, teams fight over control of a bomb which can be used to destroy enemy M-COM stations. Teams have three M-COM stations which have to be protected from opponents, and a match is over when a team loses two M-COM stations. This new game mode will enrich competitive Battlefield 4 gameplay as teams will be forced to take a more tactical approach to both defending their stations and being offensive in order to secure objectives.

Join the ESL One Battlefield Summer 2015 season!

The Battlefield 4 Major Ladder is your chance to be part of ESL One! The ladder is open to everyone, so gather your team and sign up for a chance to compete with top Battlefield 4 teams. Please note that there are no check-ins, so make sure you and your team are fully ready to compete as signing up confirms your participation. Signing up and failing to attend may also result in punishment.

Sign up for the Battlefield 4 Major Ladder here!

Points and prize money distribution

All participating teams will earn points during five seasonal cups which will determine the 12 teams that will advance to the group stage in the leadup to the global finals. The best teams from each cup will also earn prize money, which is distributed – along with points – as follows:

  • First place: 75 points + €500

  • Second place: 50 points + €300

  • Third to fourth place: 25 points + €100

  • Fifth to eighth place: 10 points

  • Ninth to sixteenth place: 5 points

Global finals at gamescom

The ESL One Battlefield 4 Summer 2015 season grand finale will take place at gamescom in Cologne, Germany, this August, where three top teams from each region – Europe, America and Oceania – will battle it out for the ESL One Battlefield 4 championship and their share of the €45,000 prize pool.

For more information about ESL One Battlefield 4, be sure to visit the official website as well as follow ESL Battlefield on Twitter and like the ESL Battlefield Facebook page.


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