The champions of the Battlefield

The Winter Season has come to an end in one of the most spectacular ways possible. The season finals were those of many stories, both happy and sad. We saw some of the best Battlefield 4 action we've ever seen, series being decided in the last second and many nail biting series resulting in one of the most tense finals possible.

The story of champions

MeetYourMakers' entire season was one of greatness. Entering the season in the sixth seed after having an amazing performance during the cups, they got seeded into group C with the juggernaut uMAV. But juggernaut or not, it didn't matter for MeetYourMakers as they easily took down all of their opponents in the group and qualified for the season finals. At those finals, ESC ICY BOX was the first hurdle on their path to glory, but they were easily pushed out of the way. In the winner bracket finals of the their group, MeetYourMakers faced the perhaps strongest team in the competition, Fnatic. The almost unbeatable team forced MeetYourMakers to a third map and pushed them to the lower bracket. Fazed but quickly recovering, the team faced off against Epsilon and in a very close series were able to knock them out of the tournament, securing their own position in the semi-finals.

In a rematch from the group stage, MeetYourMakers faced off against team uMAV again in the semi-finals. History repeated itself in those semi-finals as MeetYourMakers dominated the Swedish team and didn't give them a single chance, defeating them 2-0.

The finals were a magnificent display of skill between the two best teams in the competition. MeetYourMakers faced off against the tournament underdog PyRoGEN.LDLC in five of the most tense games we've seen all tournament long. Neither team had a distinct advantage over the other and maps went to both teams. Ticket counts were closer than ever and the teams didn't grant each other anything. In the fifth and final map, it was MeetYourMakers coming out ahead and crowning themselves champion of the EMS One Battlefield 4 Winter Season. They take home the first place prize of 10,000 and write their names in history.

The rise of the underdog

Next to the amazing story of MeetYourMakers, we saw the rise of an amazing team. Team PyRoGEN.LDLC barely qualified for the group stage of the tournament, coming out of the cups in 16th and last place. In their first matchup against against All authority, the teams was already written of by many but the non-believers quickly had to change their mind. They finished their groupstage in first place and headed to the season finals.

Even with their amazing performance during the group stage, the team was looked at as an underdog. The team faced up against Team Dignitas in their first match and in a very close series were able to defeat them 2-1. In their upper bracket final, PyRoGEN.LDLC had less of a good time and were defeated by uMAV, knocking them down to the lower bracket. The team once again met up with Dignitas and defeated them once more.

Heading into the semi-finals, the team had to face up against the strongest team and tournament in the competition, Fnatic. On two maps, team PyRoGEN.LDLC displayed amazing skill and performed in ways no one would've though of them. Not only did they defeat Fnatic, they made it look easy. The team moved on to face up against MeetYourMakers in the finals but sadly could not defeat them. Team PyRoGEN.LDLC has more than proven themselves during the tournament and take home the silver medal. We can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the next season.


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