ESL One Battlefield Finals: Group A predictions

Group A

  • Fnatic
  • Epsilon
  • Planetkey Dynamics
  • InFamouS

You could argue that this should be a fairly decisive group, with Fnatic and Epsilon being the top two teams of the online season. However, pushing the 94% vote for Epsilon vs. Planetkey Dynamics to the back of your minds for a moment, let’s look at some of the results we’ve seen for these teams in the past.

Breaking down the teams

Planetkey Dynamics (PKD) is a team that has to be seen as the workhorse, overcoming the odds in the online group stages when they lost out to InFamous initially in a very close game 2-1. However, following that loss they steadily worked their way through the lower bracket, taking down teams like Wartime 2-0 to face their previous opponent and turned things around in a clean 2-0.

To me, it was a smart game PKD played, with them having made the correct map choices. We know that InFamous are monsters on very specific maps, so PKD did not allow these to be picked and it gave them the victory. The one flaw we noticed while casting the final Group A game of the group stages was the lack of discipline they displayed when they had the advantage, and almost let things slip. Hopefully they’ve polished their gameplay during the slight break between the group qualifiers and the offline finals - I think we can see them do well.

Let’s also remember that this will be a grudge match. Last time around, Epsilon were knocked into the second place qualifying position by none other than PKD in the winter season. Personally, however, I feel Epsilon have been on point this season, so it will be a test of what PKD have managed to do in their downtime.

My thoughts on Epsilon winning 2-0 over Planetkey Dynamics

Epsilon, a team who many questioned during the initial and very early days of the current season of the Battlefield ESL One, has eradicated any doubt about their capabilities. Qualifying in first place above Fnatic in the online stage - which is a highly impressive result - and looking terrifyingly strong throughout the entire season, they only lost out on one first place finish during the cups in the first final against Fnatic. Personally, I think they will walk away in a top two position through Group A, but Fnatic have a point to prove, and in my opinion on paper are the only team who will be able to do it.

Fnatic is a team who everyone put on the highest pedestal, and with good reason. A team of individually sensational players who have played together not only in Battlefield 3 but also years prior, they’re a force to be reckoned with. However, the one blemish on their perfect record is their previous ESL One performance: call it pressure, lack of motivation or whatever you want - they stumbled, and pretty hard. The one thing you cannot underestimate is a team with that much talent, with a point to prove. Personally I believe they will finish in first place - I know that these players are veterans at not only BF4 events but offline events in general. Hearing Fnatic’s Eric "2Easy" van Hoorn echo this with his usual vim and vigor in a Skype chat sums it all up perfectly:

1. Fnatic
2. Epsilon
but InFamouS might upset and become second”

InFamouS, however, will have Fnatic in their first game - if there are going to be upsets, it has to be as soon as possible for the French side. They’ve had moments of brilliance on specific maps that have caught out even the best of teams, but whether or not they’ve worked hard during the break to refine their talent is yet to be seen. 2Easy certainly believes they’ve been putting in the hours to make sure they’re on point, but it’s going to be a tough match to start off with, so personally I have to give the victory to Fnatic.

My thoughts on Fnatic going 2-1 against InFamouS

Overall, Group A in theory is a lot of talent that is yet to reach its full potential - it’s all about who will step up when it really matters and whether they cause those upsets that we’ve heard some teams expect. We saw it in the previous finals, but to do that twice in a row is not a simple task. I hope we see PKD and InFamouS living up to their potential, but with Fnatic and Epsilon looking on form, it’s not going to be an easy task.

All in all, on paper this is a simple group - even the votes reflect that. However, the previous ESL One offline finals have proved that any team can have their day. At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of whether InFamouS cause an upset or whether this will be a simple affair as the top teams live up to their reputations.

The first finals day kicks off tomorrow at 12:30 CEST, and to find out more about Battlefield 4 at ESL One, be sure to check out the official website!


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