The best games of Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen

Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen was packed full of breathtaking and nailbiting games, making it difficult to choose the best ones. If you missed out on any of the action, we recommend looking through our VODs. However, for the time-challenged, we’ve curated a list of the best games.

StarCraft2: TaeJa vs. Solar

TaeJa vs. Solar is a grand final which will be talked about for a long time. The entire series will leave you on the edge of your seat, but if you can only watch one game, make it the third one on Kim Sejong Station. Both TaeJa and Solar were playing a perfect TvZ, both comfortable to macro up, not wanting to concede anything in the early game. Eventually Solar took a favorable engagement, which should have been too much for the Terran to recuperate from. However, in a remarkable show of resilience, TaeJa weathered on for longer than he should have been able to, never allowing his opponent to take a painless win.

StarCraft2: Jaedong vs. Snute 

In the classic Evil Geniuses vs. Team Liquid matchup, Jaedong and Snute played an extremely exciting match, taking it the fifth game. The last game of the series was really astounding. Snute put on some early aggression, reinforcing his Roach army with Banelings. His push was only scouted by Jaedong when it seemed to be too late. Despite this, and the fact that Jaedong only had Zerglings and some Queens, the Tyrant defended the attack, allowing him to take a win that even left him shocked.

StarCraft2: Snute vs. TRUE

Banelings, Banelings and more Banelings! I firmly believe that no unit makes a game more exciting than Banelings. Especially when you watch them start rolling as soon as their speed upgrade completes. And the third game between Snute vs. TRUE had no shortage of Banelings. Both players opted to play Roaches, but Snute reinforced his with Banelings. Both players maxed out their armies several times, Snute managing to edge ahead in their skirmishes. Finally Snute made no less than 60 Banelings, quickly overwhelming his Korean opponent.

Hearthstone: RDU vs. Amaz

RDU vs. Amaz was a highly anticipated matchup, two of the best Hearthstone players in the world going toe-to-toe. After the controversy at DreamHack, fans were eager for a rematch. The series did not disappoint, so much so that both of the best games from Shenzhen occurred in this series. In game four, Amaz was one game from elimination, and opted to bring out his famous Priest deck. Amaz felt his early lead slip away from him and was counting on the RNG from his Ragnaros to deal the killing blow. It failed to do so, and with RDU’s own Ragnaros hitting the mark, Amaz was left with just two health and one minion on the board. He drew a Sylvanas Windrunner on his last turn, destroying it with a Shadow Flame, and stealing RDU’s Ragnaros to take the game - it really was one of the most dramatic endings in competitive Hearthstone

Game five again came down to the wire. RDU took a commanding lead, and with an enraged Grommash Hellscream on the board and his opponent down to eight health, it looked like he would be advancing to the grand finals. With no other options, Amaz played his Ragnaros, desperately hoping to take out the Grommash and, with the RNG gods on his side, it hit the mark. With no cards in his hand, RDU was relying heavily on his draws, which were not in his favor. With a wealth of cards in his hand, Amaz made light work of the rest of the game, advancing to the finals.

League of Legends: Team World Elite vs. Edward Gaming

The Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends grand final was between Team World Elite and Edward Gaming, and the series is definitely worth a watch. In this best of three, the first game went to Team World Elite, with Edward Gaming managing to turn the tide in their favor to win game two. However, it was Team World Elite who eventually emerged triumphant, closing out the game in a final decisive push and once again winning a spot in the world championships.

Those were our favorite games from Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen - what were yours? If you want to read more about the StarCraft 2 or Hearthstone games in Shenzhen, we have you covered with our daily recaps:


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