The $500,000 PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Charity Challenge prize distribution and challenge system

We’re less than a week away from the PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Charity Challenge at gamescom 2018! From August 23-25, 32 streamers and content creators from across Europe will team up with 32 qualified players at gamescom to battle each other for charity. And to spice things up, the newly assembled duos will have a set of global and map-specific challenges to complete across the three event days in order to rake in more money for charity.

A staggering US$500,000 will up for grabs, with the entirety of the prize money going to charity. Each duo will represent a specific charity during the event and in order to earn more money for their cause 62 challenges have been set up. On each of the three event days, four maps will be played, providing the teams with plenty of chances to complete some milestones.

Prize Pool distribution:

  Prize money per challenge Total prize money
12x Map-specific Challenges $25,000 $300,000
48x Global Challenges $2,000 $96,000
12x Chicken Dinners $5,000 $60,000
Baseline prize pool per team (32x teams) $1,375 $44,000

In each map played, $38,000 can be earned for charity. Aside from winning $5,000 for a Chicken Dinner, four global and one map-specific challenge will change how the game is played. If you were expecting twelve normals maps of PUBG, then we’ve got a curveball for you!

Each and every map will have its own, personalized game settings and objectives. While the Global Challenges will remain the same for every map (First Blood, Most Kills, Highest Total Nade Damage & Longest Kill), the Map-specific Challenges will determine how each map gets played. Who knows how important the Revolver, Winchester and Molotov might be!

Tune in from August 23-25 on Twitch or come by the PUBG stage in the ESL Arena at gamescom in Hall 9. If you wanna know more about the event and which streamers are playing at gamescom, then be sure to follow ESL PUBG on both Twitter and Facebook.


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