Starting and ending in symmetry in Group H of WCS 2015 Season 3

The final day of this week’s WCS Premier League group stage matches belonged to Group H. Made up of German Zerg TLO, Chinese Zerg XiGua, Polish Protoss MaNa and Korean Zerg Violet, this stacked lineup promised plenty of hard-fought matches. With a place in the WCS Season 3 finals in Kraków, Poland in September on the line, the ESL studios in Cologne once again saw two stand and two fall.

Group H was another 75% Protoss one, but that didn’t stop there from being plenty of back and forth in its matches. The day started and ended in symmetry, with TLO kicking things off a decisive 2-0 win against Violet only to be defeated 2-0 by him when they came to face each other again in the last match of the evening. The other games saw plenty of back and forth - check out the results below for exactly how they went down.

Winners bracket

Matchup Result
TLO vs. Violet 2-0
XiGua vs. MaNa 1-2
TLO vs. MaNa 1-2

Losers bracket

Matchup Result
Violet vs. XiGua 2-1
Violet vs. TLO 2-0

Next up: the WCS 2015 Season 3 round of 16!

The next stop is Poland for the round of 16, and with the groups already drawn there’s a lot to look forward to!

Tune in from Tuesday the 8th of September at 18:00 CEST!

Be sure to follow @ESLSC2 as well as the #WCS hashtag on Twitter in addition to the ESL StarCraft II Facebook for all the latest in the leadup to the main event!

You can also find our other round of 32 recaps below:


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