New CS:GO stickers and the ESL One Cologne Pick'Em Challenge

When the ESL One Cologne CS:GO Championship kicks off in just over a week, it’s not only the teams who’ll be fighting for the win. As they did for for Katowice, Valve has just released new Legends and Challengers capsules, bringing you stickers for the 16 teams at ESL One Cologne as well as Holo versions and an exclusive ESL One sticker in two different colors.

Legends - Capsules Challengers - Capsules​
 Ninjas in Pyjamas
 Team Dignitas
 Team LDLC
 ESL One Logo
 Vox Eminor
 Natus Vincere
 Copenhagen Wolves
 ​dAT team
 London Conspiracy
 MTS GameGod Wolf​
 ESL One Logo

Besides directly supporting your favorite teams by purchasing these stickers, you can also use them for the brand new betting game known as the Pick’Em Challenge. 

Starting right away, you can predict the winners of the first matches by betting a sticker of your choice on that game. To be able to bet on a team, you need to have at least one of the team’s stickers, and the sticker you use to bet will be blocked until that match day is over. Afterwards, you can use it to bet on that team again or trade, put on your weapon skins or admire it as usual.

The challenges for the four days of ESL One Cologne are as follows:
Day 1: Pick the winners of each group stage match
Day 2: Pick the eight teams who will advance to the quarterfinals
Day 3: Pick the four teams who will advance to the semifinals
Day 4: Pick the two teams who will win the semifinals and the team that will win the grand final

By scoring points with correct guesses, you can earn an in-game trophy which can be shown on your Steam profile and your CS:GO avatar.

Valve has delivered new stuff to every community funded tournament thus far: spectator gifts at DreamHack, stickers for Katowice and now the sticker game for ESL One Cologne. 

What do you think of the ESL One Cologne Pick’Em Challenge? Are you going to pick’em all? Let us know in the comments below! More info on ESL One Cologne can be found on the ESL One website.


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