Mobile gaming to make its debut at Katowice

It’s an understatement to say that Katowice 2019 is jam packed with some of the biggest esports games from around the world. Now Guns of Boom, an FPS shooter with more than 60 million downloads that’s taken the mobile gaming world by storm, will be joining them at the Katowice Mainstage in March. So, what makes Guns of Boom, and mobile gaming in general, so special?

A new class of esports

Mobile gaming is gaining popularity at an astounding rate, so it should come as no surprise that mobile esports follows suit. Competitive games that allow players to show off their skill and outplay their opponents make for naturally superb viewing, which is one of the main reasons Game Insight’s Guns of Boom has been doing so well. The Gods of Boom Kick-Off 2019 will be the first event of the game’s Season 2, and will showcase both the current success and future potential of Guns of Boom. Season 2 itself has a whopping $500,000 prize pool and the winner of March’s Kick-Off event will be directly invited to the next Gods of Boom event this summer.

The Gods of Boom Kick-Off 2019

For the first time Guns of Boom will be at the Katowice Mainstage, featuring two of the best teams in the world; Lazarus, current World Champions, and Noble, who achieved second place in the Season 1 World Finals. These two teams will be battling it out over a best of seven match for a share of the $50,000 prize pool. Fans will witness some quality Guns of Boom gameplay as well as indulge in the atmosphere that comes with watching a tournament live. So, whether you’re an avid Guns of Boom player or are just interested in the future of Mobile Gaming, come join us on March 1st!

The Lowdown

Date/Time: March 1st; 12:00 - 13:30

Location: Spodek Arena, Main Stage

Tournament: 2 Team Invitational with one best of 7 match

Teams: Lazarus and Noble

-Lazarus: Current Guns of Boom World Champion
-Noble: Second Place in the Season 1 World Finals

Prize pool: 50.000 USD

1st Place - 40.000 USD
2nd Place - 10.000 USD

Talents: Matt Andrews (Host), Jacky, Lethal, Blu

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