Meet the European Call of Duty World League Stage 1 champion!

This is it. Now we know who’ll be walking away with the lion’s share of the US$200,000 prize pool as well as the all-important Call of Duty World League Stage 1 finals trophy. However, all three days of the finals saw plenty of ups and downs - read our recap below to find out how our new champion made it to the top!


Starting off the Call of Duty weekend in Cologne was the relegation for Stage 2 of the Pro Division. While Exertus opened up the day with a clean 4-1 victory over PuLse Gaming, none of the other Challenge Division teams were able to take down those from the Pro Division. Rampage Tempo and Supremacy were close to making the big hit but were ultimately taken down in the final game of their series against Team LDLC and Team Vitality respectively.


  • PuLse Gaming vs. Exertus - 1-4
  • Team LDLC vs. Rampage Tempo - 4-3
  • Giants Gaming vs. FABE - 4-1
  • Team Vitality vs. Supremacy - 4-3


In the quarterfinals, it was Epsilon eSports and Splyce showing why they placed third and fourth during seasonal play. While Epsilon were able to take down TCM Gaming 4-1, it was a tough fight for Splyce to overcome exceL eSports. At the end of a back-and-forth series, they were able to take home the last round of Search and Destroy and win the matchup 4-3.


  • exceL eSports vs. Splyce - 3-4
  • TCM Gaming vs. Epsilon eSports - 1-4


The semifinals were as different as you could imagine. Team Infused and Splyce had a hell of a series, with both teams going to their limits. While Splyce won the first two rounds, Infused took over with three rounds in a row. However, Splyce were able to turn the tide and take the match by winning the final Hardpoint and Search and Destroy rounds to emerge victorious at 4-3. Millenium, on the other hand, didn’t let a single round slip through their fingers and sent Epsilon packing in impressive fashion. By 4-0, they had made their desire for the title more than clear.


  • Team Infused vs. Splyce - 3-4
  • Millenium vs. Epsilon eSports - 4-0

Grand final

After the thrilling semifinals, it was time for the final match of the European Stage 1. Starting off strong, Millenium took both the first runs on Hardpoint and Search and Destroy before Splyce were able to come back in Uplink. However, it was Millenium who continued their dominance in Capture the Flag and took the win in the second round of Search and Destroy.


  • Splyce vs. Millenium - 1-4

Congratulations to Millenium!

The champion of the European Call of Duty World League Stage 1 has been found, with Millenium having left little room for their opponents. After finishing the regular season eye to eye with Team Infused, their two wins in Cologne were a big hit. With only one single rounds lost throughout the proceedings and having taken down Splyce after their two close series, they definitely earned themselves this title.

Keep an eye on for coverage of the North American Stage 1 relegation and finals starting on Friday the 1st of April, while for all the latest competitive Call of Duty news make sure you’re following ESL CoD on Facebook and Twitter!


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