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Another week of the WGLEU World of Tanks Gold League is about to kick off on Thursday, September 1st and it's about time to unveil our casting trio! You have already got to know Mojo and Daki over the last weeks. They are now joined by Ectar.

We are excited to see how this casting powerhouse will bring energy and experience to this season’s broadcasts. If you want to learn about our new casters, check out their bios below and be sure to tune in on Thursdays, Fridays at 7PM GMT+2 as well as Saturdays and Sundays at 4PM GMT+2 here to see them in action!

Jordy “Dakillzor” Versmesse

Unlike many players in the community, Jordy was never a real gamer as a child. When he was 14, he started playing his first actual game called Combat Arms (online F2P First Person Shooter). When the game slowly started to ‘die’ he switched over to FPS games like A.V.A, Call of duty etc.

It was around 2010 when he got to know the World of Tanks. At first he was not dedicated to it and just played the beta version. When the game got released Jordy started getting more and more actively involved in it. Believe it or not, he used to be a mediocre player until he joined MUMMY (Sub clan of PTS). This is a point where he got his first introduction to high level clan wars. Afterwards he joined PTS and switched clans a few times until he ended up where he is today in FAME.


The introduction to E-sports happened to Jordy before Season 4 when one of his friends recommended Jordy to join CPLAY as he didn't have time to play the game.

Jordy managed to get in the team and won 3rd place at his first e-sports event in Cologne. He also went to the Season 5 Finals in Sofia later on with WASD. Before Season 1 of 2015/2016 he decided to join HWC and thus to switch to the NA region where they finished second in their first season together. More successes soon followed as Jordy and his team won the Lan finals in Burbank, Pacific Rumble in Japan and WCA in China. At that time, Jordy was also voted MVP (most valuable player) for that season. The last competition he took part in was the Major League in which he won the second place together with Ding.

When he was not playing he acted as an analyst at the Grand Finals in 2015, Continental Rumble, Season 1 Finals. He also did some casting for ESL Asia. In his free time he likes to stream on his Twitch channel some "high level" gameplay and he dedicates his time to his clan FAME.

Mihajlo “Mojo” Jugovič

 Mihajlo is a genuine gamer. He has many years of gaming experience under his belt, having played competitively various titles such as Counter Strike, Dota and Guild Wars. He also organized several tournaments in CS and even a multi tournament that involved over 400 PCs in LAN in various games like Q3, CS, Dota NFS.


Mihajlo is now 39 and until recently he owned his own net cafe called MOJO, to be more exact he owned it for the last 15 years! An interesting fact about Mojo is that he actually created the first Kazna team known as Mojo Kazna Kru because they played from Mihajlo’s net cafe online. Almost four years ago he formed the Kazna Kru clan and an ESL team with the same name.

 His adventure with WoT started 5 years ago right after the game came out officially and this translates into a wealth of experience he has today. He was always a tactician and a leader in his WoT teams. With the Kazna ESL team he went to promo tournaments at IEM Katowice 2013, next Cebit Hannover and he won the Wargaming 15-Year Anniversary Tournament. The team also went to Dreamhack Sweden for Season 1 Finale, then to Gamescom Cologne for Season 2 where they won the 3rd place. The Season 3 finals in Tychy was the last time he played with Kazna. After Kazna Mojo played for TCM for two  seasons as their captain/tactician, and one season for WUSA as a player. That is the last time he played professionally.

It was about at this same time, Mojo started casting WoT – he went to the 1st Grand Finals in Warsaw as an analyst and acted since then as an analyst during the Grand Finals. He also casted some online Wargaming cups like Super Six, Easy 8, Mangled Metal, fun cups. ESL then asked Mojo to cast ESL Major League (also online). In total he participated in 6 major offline events as a player, and in 6 as an analyst, He's also done some online casting solo and with other casters, but purely for fun and as a hobby.

In his free time apart from playing games obviously, Mihajlo likes reading, mainly books based on history and science fiction. Travelling is also a great passion for him:), he also has a 9k You Tube channel where he teaches people how to play WoT by commenting games and giving tips. It is called ‘kursor TV’.

Ryan "Ectar" Murphy

To many of the World of Tanks community, Ectar should be a familiar face (if not a familiar voice) that you've seen before. Hailing from Scotland, Ectar has been playing computer games since the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was around.


Working in the games industry since 2008 when he joined Blizzard to be a Games Master. In 2012 he then moved to Paris to join the EU office of in the Community Team where he served as Community Manager for the past 3 years. After participating in the EU season finals as an analyst and then the Grand Finals as an analyst and caster, Ectar will be the new play by play caster for the EU region this season.

"Whilst I lack the experience of other casters, this is a huge opportunity for me and I will be trying to deliver the best possible experience for the viewers, all the while learning from my peers and constantly looking to improve upon my past shows. I like to have a good laugh whilst keeping things professional and hopefully I can interject that in my casts."

A huge fan of bands like Kings of Leon and The Black Keys, he loves any music with a strong bass rift. He supports Glasgow Celtic and whilst he doesn't always watch NFL, he's attached to the Seattle Seahawks. He's also a car nut and has a big interest in the modified/import car scene. What car to buy next is something he's currently spending a bit too much time thinking about!

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