Lim "BoxeR" Yo Hwan inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame

One of the most iconic StarCraft players ever is the newest member of the Esports Hall of Fame presented by paysafecard!

At a time when competitive gaming was far from being the worldwide phenomenon it is today, one player rose to the highest ranks of the StarCraft scene: Lim "BoxeR" Yo Hwan!

He became one of the most popular professionals for his creativity, innovative strategies and over-the-top micro-management. With his insane skills, he turned the Terran race from the weakest faction into a winner’s choice, revolutionizing the way Terrans are being played and inventing strategies still used today.

BoxeR dominated the scene for years, winning two WCG and Starleague championships, as well as the KPGA Tour, and also forming the highly successful SK Telecom T1 team.

Even getting conscripted by the Korean Air Force could not stop his passion for the game. While in service, he formed the first Korean armed forces Esports team alongside other pro gamers: “Airforce Challenge E-sports”.

He continued his career after his service, shaping the StarCraft scene even further as a player and coach for SK Telecom T1. He switched from Broodwar to StarCraft 2, once again as founder of a successful team: “SlayerS”. The organization would go on to win the prestigious Global StarCraft II Team League two times in a row.

However, fans of the RTS-genre will mostly remember him for his dominance during the formation period of professional StarCraft competition. This makes him the perfect selection to become the the first StarCraft player inducted into the esports Hall of Fame.

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