LDLC.com vs. Virtus.pro: who won the Katowice rematch?

The champion of Katowice had a bit of déjà vu, playing LDLC once more as they did in the playoffs at Katowice. Last time, it took them only two maps to send the French home - how did it work out today?

Dust2: Did LDLC’s choice pay out?

Starting as CT, Virtus.pro were to stop LDLC from the first moment. However, LDLC kicked the match off with a big and successful push through the middle. All five members of LDLC survived, taking down the champions to bring the first round home and opening up the following two rounds in their favor. But even the first equipped round for Virtus.pro did not work out as the Polish might have planned. One more time LDLC clinically removed the players from the map, even byali, who tried to save an AWP for the upcoming round. It was five rounds in the hands of Maniac and his mates before VP picked up the pace to start the game over for them. With good teamplay as well as individual moves, the match was back to even at 5-5, although LDLC stopped this streak to take another three rounds in a row. pasha brought his team back to 8-6 right before the end of the half, thus improving their position in the match. The last round saw Virtus.pro using this advantage to stop a mid push by LDLC and close the half 8-7 in the French’s favor.

This wind in their sails from the past rounds was put to good use, with VP taking the B site as well as the pistol round. From here they took over the lead for the second time, extending with the following rounds also going in their favor. Playing the well-known Virtus.pro style, all players were able to step up if needed, pushing the score to 13-8 before LDLC were able to take another round and start another streak to make the game look more even once more. Another round went to VP, but KQLY and his mates did not back down, setting the score even once more at 14-14. LDLC took the 15th round right afterwards, with KQLY hitting a jump shot in the final round to send pasha and VP down before the second map 16-14. Coming back from a 11-14, this map win was a huge achievement for the French.

Mirage: Could VP live up to expectations?

The French seemed to be pumped up by the previous map win, taking the pistol round once again. Once again the match also saw LDLC win the first five rounds in a row, but VP was there to take the sixth round and score their first point. Another two rounds went in their favor, but the French fought back, taking away weapons each round and messing with the VP’s eco constantly. This not only helped put the game back into their hands before VP could equalize the score, but also to extend their own lead, resulting in the Polish working with reduced equipment. Bringing the score to 9-4 in their favor, the French got stopped by Virtus.pro taking one more round. However, that was all the French left for them to take, and finished this half 10-5.

Once again LDLC took the pistol round in stunning fashion, using the same rushing style that Virtus.pro usually demolishes opponents with and getting everything in place to cause the first major upset of the tournament so far. At 13-5 in favor of the French, Virtus.pro took their time-out to talk things through and bring the game back into their hands. Things seemed to work out as planned as VP took the following round without losing a single member of their team, followed by another anti-eco. Slowly but surely, Virtus.pro got back into the game, extending their streak to five rounds. By 13-10, LDLC came back to take the 14th round, with VP only having precious little money left. However, still the Katowice champion turned this round into another point for them, seeing LDLC going into a scary semi buy round which almost succeeded. Virtus.pro turned this around as well, only two rounds away from equalizing the score. The following round saw the French put their already demonstrated strength to good use once more, taking the 15th round with three match points for them. It only took one more round for apEX and his mates to take the win 16-12 and send Virtus.pro, reigning champion of Katowice, home.

apEX and his team finally got revenge for Katowice, where TaZ and his team send the French home in the quarterfinals. While many fans will focus on the upset of the champion being sent home already, LDLC’s performance was huge. Taking Mirage, one of the maps that VP is known to be lethal on, might make them the favorite-killer in this tournament. So far, London Conspiracy, Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro are on their list. No doubt every CS:GO fan is looking forward to their match against the winner of Cloud 9 versus Ninjas in Pyjamas!

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If you’re after more info, the ESL One homepage is the place to go to. Are you shocked to see Virtus.pro, the champion of Katowice, going home this early? Give us your perspective in the comments below!


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