It’s crunch time! Teams enter into the penultimate week of ESL Pro League Season 6 and chaos is guaranteed in the fight for those coveted playoff berths

Brace yourselves, for the final two weeks of ESL Pro League Season 6 are upon us. A quick glimpse at the leaderboard is all you need, to know what’s at stake in the last two weeks of play in EPL – everything!

Mathematically, no team is through to the finals in Odense yet, even though Fnatic, OpTic and SK have a firm grasp on their playoff tickets. The other nine qualification spots across both regions are still under heavy contention. The margin for error becomes ever tinier.

Matches in the upcoming week will be decisive in both the playoff and relegation race.

Here’s everything you need to know before tonight’s matches kick off.


Astralis, FaZe and North follow behind Fnatic on ranks two through four, slightly ahead of the rest of the field. Rounding out the top six spots are mouz on fifth and NiP on sixth.

But the truth of the matter is this: the number two ranked Astralis, and the number eleven ranked G2, are separated by only 11 points, with the French side having played two games less – so potentially, the point-difference could shrink to 5 points after G2’s clash with BIG on Wednesday.

Hellraisers, Heroic, LDLC and BIG, who sit in-between, still have everything to play for as well, as the finals are within reach, and relegation also makes its presence felt from below.

Even Na’Vi and EnVyUs, the only teams with ten losses in EPL Europe, could theoretically still secure a finals spot with perfect play – but trying to get enough points to get out of the relegation zone should be a priority here.

Check out the full table below to get a clear picture of just how tight the standings are:

Match Of The Week – G2 vs. Heroic

Is it miracle time again? Granted, if G2 manage to squeeze into the playoff ranks, it wouldn’t compare to last year’s infamous feat, when they started the season with nine losses and just one victory, before storming to a second place regular season finish and the trophy at the LAN finals in Dallas.

Nevertheless, G2 (22 points in 16 matches) are in a dire situation once again. The French side is now forced to win at least 6 out of the 10 remaining maps. First in line will be Heroic today at 21.20 CET.

The Danes themselves are looking to add matches to their win-column, and are only one point ahead of G2. Surely, Heroic don’t want to miss out on the finals in their home country, especially since fellow Danes from Astralis and North are in a good position to qualify.

Both these teams have struggled with consistency this Pro League season and now find themselves in a position where said consistency will decide over each team’s fate.

With G2 being the more experienced and skilled team, they should be favored against Heroic in high-pressure situations like these. I am confident G2 will step it up a notch and get the 2-0 against Heroic here, hopefully on their way to another comeback. Who wouldn’t want to see the defending champions in Odense?

North America

Across the Atlantic, the standings are even tighter than over here on the old continent. While OpTic and SK are almost certain to qualify for the playoffs, the third ranked team Misfits (31p) and Renegades (26p) on rank ten, are only separated by five points.

This leaves us with incredible tension in the final two weeks of play, as most top six teams can still easily drop out of the qualification zone, and the same goes vice versa for the lower ranked sides.

Splyce, compLexity, Rogue and Ghost Gaming on the other hand are no longer participating in the race for a finals spot, but still have to play pivotal matches to try and avoid relegation.

See the full table for NA below:

Match Of The Week – CLG vs. Luminosity

No one would have expected to find Luminosity and CLG among the top six teams just two weeks before the season finishes. And my guess is that we won’t be seeing at least one of them there when all is said and done. A 2-0 here tonight for either side would be huge in regards to cementing their position as a playoff contender.

Luminosity is currently one point ahead of CLG on rank four with 30 points. The US squad has played two fewer matches though.

I’m especially curious to see the two AWPers yeL and koosta clash.

Under CLG’s banner koosta finally manages to show what many expected from him already a year ago. He’s extremely competent and confident with the big green gun, and doesn’t shy away from risky plays – very FalleN-esque.

yeL prefers a less flashy playstyle, focused on holding angles and letting the opponent run into his crosshairs. It’s the age old battle between two AWP-philosophies, and which one prevails will play a vital role in who comes out on top tonight.

Ready for an action-packed Week 6?

Tune in to ESL’s CS:GO YouTube channel to watch your favorite teams battle for a spot in the offline finals in Denmark, Odense as teams enter the final two weeks of ESL Pro League season 6. As always, matches kick off today at 19 CET with NiP facing off against BIG.

Make sure to reserve plenty of time for all the high-pressure matches happening across both regions. If you want to watch the season finals, you can purchase tickets here.

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