Is another ESL One title on the cards for Vega Squadron in Frankfurt?

Only eight more days left until ESL One Frankfurt kicks off and we are gonna keep our team preview train rolling. It’s time to take a look and the team that will most likely be underrated by most - Vega Squadron. The ESL One New York 2015 winners managed to secure their spot in Frankfurt by coming first in the European qualifiers, ahead of the likes of Virtus.Pro, Team Empire and eventual second place qualifier, Na’Vi. What can we expect from the sharks in blue?

Position Player Most played heroes (patch 6.87)
Carry fn   
Mid No[o]ne   
Offlane Mag~   
Support Solo   
Support CemaTheSlayeR   

Vega Squadron have had their ups and down as of late. After winning ESL One New York 2015 and going to the Frankfurt Major, the team has missed out on the last two majors in Shanghai and Manila. Somewhat surprising considering the squad didn’t undergo any major shake-ups, only switching out 9pashaebashu for fn back in March. But on a positive note, now it’s the best time to get back in form with TI6 around the corner and the fact that Vega came first in the European Qualifier ahead of a number of Manila Major teams speaks volumes.

On top of that, the other seven ESL One Frankfurt teams will have to make the long journey to Europe in the wake of the grueling Manila Major while Vega will have all the time in the world to prepare and analyse their opponents as they reveal strats in Manila. Their opponents will barely have any time to study Vega’s strategies on the other hand, which will be a huge advantage for the sharks. Surely they will look to grab this opportunity by the horns in order to impress the fans and most of all Valve, as Gaben & Co. figure out the TI6 invite and qualifier situation.

Recent performances

While some of the other ESL One Frankfurt teams enjoyed their fair share of direct invites to recent tournaments, Vega have been playing qualifier after qualifier. They have already racked up 50 games played on patch 6.87, more than any of the other participants. Will the extended amount of practice pay off in Frankfurt?

Record over last 3 months: 39-41

Record on patch 6.87: 25-25

Recent tournament results

  • StarLadder Season 13 & i-League Season 4: 5th-6th place
  • Captain’s Draft 3.0: 2nd place
  • WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3: 2nd place

Recent matchups against ESL One Frankfurt teams

Vega might not have had the chance to prove themselves at some of the latest major tournaments, but nonetheless they match up quite well with the other invitees, boasting winning records against Liquid, coL and Alliance. Of course you have to take results like the Captain’s Draft 3.0 with a grain of salt due to the format, but what you can take away from this is that Vega are no pushover. Underestimate them at your own risk!

Team Liquid

  • 0-1 at StarLadder Season 13 & i-League Season 4
  • 2-0 at Captain’s Draft 3.0


  • 1-0 at StarLadder Season 13 & i-League Season 4


  • 2-0 at Captain’s Draft 3.0
  • 2-0 at Captain’s Draft 3.0

See Vega Squadron live at ESL One Frankfurt!

Can Vega be the first two-time ESL One winners? We’re hyped to find out what they have in store for us at ESL One Frankfurt.

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