Introducing CSGO HUB


Welcome to CSGO HUB, a new suite for players looking to learn more and rank up. You can now gain access to a range of tools to assist you in analysing, learning and improving your gameplay. CSGO HUB is currently in Beta and we welcome your feedback.

By signing into CSGO HUB with your ESL account and once you have enabled automatic match-tracking, we can then begin analysing and compiling your games into useful statistics, graphical breakdowns and information regarding where you are doing well or have room for improvement.

How to use CSGO Hub?

Once these steps are completed you have now enabled match-tracking; we will be able to provide you with statistics, tips and more.

With the Map Analysis tool, you can track and pinpoint where you have had the least or most success on specific areas of each map you play. There is a range of filters such as weapon type, economy and you can even highlight at what stage in a round a frag had occurred. With the Map Analysis tool you can begin to gain a deeper understanding where highly skilled players find the most or least success in certain positions and maps while also identifying gaps in your own game. The Map Analysis tool will send you tips to assist you in recognizing where you’re struggling.


Every Monday a new Report Card will be generated detailing your performance from the previous week. These Report Cards provide you with an overall grade for the week and reveal a Skill Summary, a Detailed View and allow you to compare your previous report cards with each other. Details such as your Top Skills, where you need improvement and your overall improvement percentage will be illustrated. Your grading depicts how you stack up against the competition and will range from an A to an F grading. Statistics and skills such as your Round Impact and average damage per round are examples of what will affect your grade.


After every game you play there will be a scope of statistics, detailed breakdowns and useful information you can examine within the Match Recap. This feature will illustrate both simple and advanced statistics allowing you to gain insight into the contribution of all players including yourself. Furthermore, you will have the ability to compare specific players against each other which will detail different players' performance with utility, weapons, entry duels and more. You will also be able to see a round-by-round breakdown to truly understand where specific rounds had fallen out of your favour. Be sure to share your results, stats and performances if you have a big game or huge comeback!


Hone your skills by completing Daily Missions in your games and increase your level on CSGO HUB. Providing you with specific skills to focus on, you’ll always have something new to practice every day. CSGO HUB also provides global leaderboards so that you can see where you stack up within the community and with your friends.

Welcoming players of all skill levels CSGO HUB has been designed to provide you a home that assists you in improving your game, but also builds a community of players wanting to better themselves. While in the Beta phase your feedback and suggestions will be heard so do not hesitate to comment your thoughts on our forum here.


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