"I will repay my invite with good play": an interview with Lee "Life" Seung Hyun

Life is easily considered one of the best StarCraft II players in the world, and he now has the World Champion title to prove it. Will the StarTale Zerg's scouting prowess push him over the top at Intel Extreme Masters Taipei?

ESL: Thanks for taking time to talk with us. We haven’t really had the chance to speak with you much since you won BlizzCon, so please tell us what was that like? What was it like to represent the Zerg race all the way to the finish and be the first Zerg to take that title?
Lee “Life” Seung Hyun: I was so glad to win BlizzCon because I didn't expect it. These days, the Zerg race is not doing so well, and I'm sorry that I alone can't improve the race - I think it’s just because I'm the only Zerg having good results.

ESL: You’re already into the Proleague season, and of course you won BlizzCon, so to us it feels like you have nothing to worry about heading into Taipei. Does it feel that way to you? Or did qualifiers for Taipei leave you concerned about any opponents - maybe Maru, San or your fellow wildcard PartinG?
Life: I was really pleased to get the invite, so I'll repay it with good play at Intel Extreme Masters Taipei.

ESL: What are your thoughts on ForGG after DreamHack Winter? Given the choice between coming up against ForGG or one of the players who beat you in qualifiers (Maru or PartinG), who would you choose?
Life: I think they are very good players. When I played with ForGG at the DreamHack Winter final, I also thought he was a good player, but I would choose ForGG.

ESL: Have you been making any changes to your training heading into this tournament? Should we expect to see a new technique or certain improvements in areas you’ve practiced more?
Life: I’m just playing the game hard as usual.

ESL: We’re pretty excited for Taipei, but we might even be more excited for Legacy of the Void. What are your expectations? What are you not looking forward to?
Life: I expect new units in LotV, but when starting out I want the number of cultivating units like drones, SCVs and probes to not be increased - I would like it to stick to the basic frame of the game.

ESL: Thanks again for speaking with us, Life - good luck!

You can follow Life on Twitter here.

Check out Life when he plays at Intel Extreme Masters Taipei in just under two weeks! To prepare yourself for the clashes ahead, be sure to catch up on our interviews with Hydra and ForGG, Life’s desired foe.


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