"I like breaking boundaries. Making something this big scares a lot of people": interviewing Timbersaw before ESL One Frankfurt!

ESL One Frankfurt is fast approaching, and with it the 2015 ESL One Frankfurt cosplay competition. Last year’s event saw many impressive costumes made by a lot of talented people, and this year we expect to see many more!

One of the cosplays you should definitely keep an eye out for is Timbersaw, which was made by Roman Pivec. We talked to Roman about his hobby, Dota 2, ESL One Frankfurt and, of course, his fantastic Timbersaw costume.

ESL: Hi, Roman! Firstly, tell us: how your adventure with cosplay begin?

Roman: Through anime. I started watching Naruto, and next thing I know I am at an anime convention surrounded by cosplays so had to do that too!

ESL: When did you first get into Dota?

Roman: I played Dota back when it was a Warcraft mod, Then I fell in love with it again in 2012.

ESL: Who is your favourite Dota 2 character and why?

Roman: I really love Spirit Breaker because of all the moo moos and I really enjoy playing him, but in the past year Timbersaw started to grow on me too. I am kinda indecisive regarding this matter.

ESL: Tell us about the costume you’re preparing for this year’s event.

Roman: I have completed my biggest project thus far: Timbersaw, specifically the Steam Chopper set. I've been working really hard on it and sacrificed a lot in the making process, but I am happy with the result. 

ESL: How long did the costume take you to make?

Roman: Four months - over 300 hours.

ESL: What was the most difficult part?

Roman: Definitely getting the chakram to spin. A lot of curse words went into that.

ESL: Your costume looks massive! Is it heavy/uncomfortable to wear?

Roman: A lot of people think that, but no. Well, yes, it’s heavy, but not as heavy as you'd think. It weighs around 20kg, and after few mistakes with my Gyrocopter cosplay I made a really comfortable shoulder and back fixers for Timber. The whole weight is spread across my upper back and shoulders and the whole construction is covered with really soft foam, so it is comfortable. There are also ways in which can I relieve the weight from inside. The massive part is something else, though: it’s hard to move around in in a crowded place and it’s hard to transport, but hey - do it for cosplay!

ESL: Will you be making any last-minute changes to your costume before the event?

Roman: Yes - unfortunately traveling damaged some pieces. I have to remake the bottom dome, but it will only grant me more flexibility. The arms are getting upgraded, too, and there’s a huge upgrade I want to keep secret still.

ESL: Why did you pick this particular character? Do you think you share any particular traits with them?

Roman: I like breaking boundaries. Making something this big scares a lot of people. Some of them would consider it impossible. That's why I chose it. Also, I knew from the beginning that with Rizzrack's (yes, that’s Timbersaw's name) crazy personality, roleplay will be super fun! 

ESL: What are you looking forward to the most at ESL One Frankfurt 2015?

Roman: I really hope to meet iceiceice as I will be cosplaying his set next year and I have a Smallkeen latex mask for him, so we can be like Timbersaw brothers. I am also looking forward to seeing great cosplays - which I know there will be lot of - and I’m really looking forward to the whole atmosphere of the event as I’ve never experienced it as a cosplayer before.

ESL: Which team are you going to be supporting in Frankfurt and why? Do you think they have what it takes to take first place?

Roman: All my friends know that I’m Na'Vi fanboy, but without them I have to root for Team Secret, and I definitely think they have what it takes now. I am okay with Vici taking second place! 🙂

ESL: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Roman, and we hope you have fun at the event!

There’s still time to sign up for the massive ESL One Frankfurt 2015 cosplay competition, which has a prize pool of over €5,000! As well as the competition, ESL One Frankfurt is also a chance to meet other people who share your passion for both Dota 2 and cosplay.

Sign up for the cosplay competition here!

ESL One Frankfurt is going to be the biggest European Dota 2 event yet featuring the world’s best teams, amazing cosplayers and several side events to bring you the best event experience - be sure not to miss it!

Buy your ESL One Frankfurt ticket here!

To stay up to date with all the latest information about the event, visit the official ESL One Frankfurt website. If you want to follow Roman's cosplay progress, be sure to check out his Facebook page.


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