Hara Rewind claims the title of Los Angeles champion in Week 2 of GameStop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2

Week 2 of the GameStop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2 tournament brought us to Los Angeles, California. The West Coast is no stranger to great competitors in the fighting game scene, and the matches this week were definite proof of that. The evening began with Hara Rewind’s impressive Atrocitus facing off against Han Rashid’s Deadshot. Despite the glimpses of obvious talent from Han Rashid, he wasn’t able to take a game off of Rewind, pushing him down to losers bracket while Rewind waited patiently in winners.

One thing that was made apparent throughout the show is the West Coast’s affinity for Batman, and KHTC Acid’s was no exception to the greatness. We were able to witness a solid pushback from Awesomo’s Robin, but it still wasn’t enough. Acid was able to come out on top and advance in the bracket.

We had more Batman action from Emperor Flappy, who attempted to use the dark knight to knock Pretty Flocko’s Aquaman out of the tournament to not avail. The loss means it’s the end of Flappy for this week, and allows Flocko to advance.

The LA finals ended just the way it began – with Rewind’s Atrocitus going against Rashid, who brought out all his characters to play. This is a testament to the skill of both players, with Han Rashid clawing his way back to the finals from losers bracket, and Rewind steadfastly staking his spot in the grand finals.

Despite the impressive arsenal he brought to finals (we saw his Deadshot, as well as Green Arrow, and Joker), Han Rashid still couldn’t get a win on Atrocitus and Rewind came out on top as our Week 2 champion!

Top 8 Standings 

  1. Hara | Rewind (Atrocitus)
  2. Han Rashid (Deadshot, Green Arrow, Joker)
  3. Nubcakes (Batman)
  4. Pretty Flocko (Cyborg, Aquaman)
  5. Emperor Flappy (Supergirl, Batman)
  6. KHTC Acid (Batman)
  7. Awesomo (Robin)
  8. Cheeko (Batman, Deadshot)

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