Halo World Championship team profile: Team Allegiance

NAME: Team Allegiance
REGION: North America
TEAM WEBSITE: www.allegiance.team
TEAM TWITTER: TeamAllegiance
TEAM FACEBOOK: allegianceesports

  • Naded
    Real Name: Brett Leonard
  • eL ToWn
    Real Name: Visal Mohanan
  • Cratos
    Real Name: Carlos Ayala
  • Suspector
    Real Name: Ayden Hill
  • Coach: Burton
    Real Name: Oguz Ustuntas

Team Allegiance has only been together since October 2015, but they have made quite an impact so far. The freshmen squad finished third at the X Games in Aspen, and went on to a top eight finish at the Halo World Championship Tour: Columbus.

ESL: What is your team's strongest/weakest map?
Allegiance: I would say we do not really have a strongest or weakest map since we know the maps so well. It really just comes down to teamwork and execution. We know if we come out and play our best game we will give ourselves a really good chance to win.

ESL: In your opinion, what is the best Spartan ability and what’s the best way to use it?
Allegiance: The best Spartan ability is the Thruster Pack and the best way to use it is in certain times during battles to make your enemy miss shots.

ESL: What was the greatest obstacle your team had to overcome in order to qualify for worlds?
Allegiance: The greatest obstacle was getting on the same page with each gametype as a team. We just constantly talked about how we wanted to play each gametype and got consistent enough to be able to be a dominant squad.

ESL: What part of your game does your team have to improve on most in order to win?
Allegiance: I would say our communication. Communication is such a huge part of Halo. Getting 4-5 guys to be able to understand each other well during a match and have top notch communication is definitely a challenge.

ESL: Which team are you most excited to play? Least excited to play?
Allegiance: We do not really think about who we are going to play or anything like that. We just come out and play our game the best we can. We know that if we play our best game we can match up against anyone.

The Halo World Championship will happen live in Hollywood, California on March 18-20 where 16 teams from around the world will compete for the title of Halo World Champion and a share of the $2,500,000 prize pool. Follow us for more #HaloWC news on Facebook and Twitter as we get closer to what promises to be the biggest Halo event the world has ever seen!


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