Go4WoT to celebrate its 200th edition this Sunday

The Go4WoT cup series has been a huge success story for both ESL and Wargaming, the company behind World of Tanks. Started back in August 2011, some might have wondered whether World of Tanks was here to stay. Now, more than three years later, it’s not only still alive but also bringing together over 100 teams to fight it out on a weekly basis.

This Sunday we are celebrating the 200th iteration of Go4WoT, where you can once again not only show off your tank piloting skills but also play for a €750 prize pool, 588,000 in-game Gold as well as take a shot at the €1,000 prize pool in the monthly finals. As an additional prize, all winning team members of this anniversary cup will take home a Light Tank: Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J as a reminder of their success in this special edition competition.

Alex “FoaMeA” Coconcea, ESL’s World of Tanks community manager, said the following of Go4WoT and its 200th edition:

“Go4WoT was the first major cup series we had, it having seen all the big esports changes we've made in World of Tanks so far. This has been - and will still be - the best and most popular place to start your esports career, with big names such as Virtus.Pro, Schoolbus, WASD Gaming and more able to confirm this fact.

Reaching a big number like 200 makes me eager to see who will still be here in 100 cups’ time, but also to see some of the future top players in action!”

The Go4 cup series is, as in many other games, a grassroot esports tournament, bringing together players new to the competitive scene as well as those who have already made a name for themselves. Go4WoT was also the training ground for many of the well-known participants of the Wargaming League Europe including UTOPIA, GGWP.PRO, Evil Panda Squad and Virtus.pro. Many teams have started their careers via this cup series, and so could you!

With the 200th Go4WoT cup this weekend, another year of World of Tanks action has begun. Kickstart your career by showing your skills in Go4WoT and see if you have what it takes to join the big names in the Wargaming League in 2015!


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