Get ready - the League Europe Season 1 2015/16 is about to begin!

It wasn’t long ago that Hellraisers beat EL Gaming to assume the title of World of Tanks champion at the League Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland. Now, barely a month and a half later, League Europe is already about to kick off its next season. With 12 of Europe’s top World of Tanks teams preparing for 11 tough weeks of online qualifiers, we’ll soon see who’s worthy of one of the four spots in the fight for the European championship crown.

The format

The tournament will be using the new 7/54 Team Battle mode. This means that each team consists of seven players with a total of 54 tier points between them - competitors can play with either five tier 8 tanks and two tier 7s or six tier 8 tanks and one tier 6. One team is the attacker and must either destroy the enemy’s tanks or capture one of the defender’s two bases. The defender, meanwhile, must survive the attack by either killing all the enemy’s tanks or outlasting the clock.

The teams

This season will see some familiar faces back on the battlefield, including Grand Finals fourth place winner and wild card Kazna Kru as well as Virtus.PRO, who represented Europe as the second seeded team before coming in at a respectable seventh place. As well as veterans of previous seasons such as PENTA Sports and WUSA, a number of new teams will be joining the lead. Tornado ROX, Stronk Siema, Synergy, DiNG and noMERCY will all be joining the fray, with the two remaining teams to be decided via the open qualifier, which is currently in progress.

Join the fight!

If you want to get involved, now’s your chance! Simply join the Bronze Series and battle other teams in order to climb the rankings. Every week, some of the top Bronze Series teams are promoted to the Silver Series, which houses the region’s top thirty World of Tanks teams. From here, you can try and earn your place in the coveted Gold Series as well as compete for cash prizes and even go as far as the end of season finals, where teams do battle for an additional prize post in nailbiting matches in front of a live audience.

For more information on how to get involved, head over the League site.

The talent

This season will be brought to you by a great talent team including old hand Lauren “Pansy” Scott and new ESL addition Mitch “Uber” Leslie, who will be guiding you through the shows and providing play-by-play commentary in alternation. Oliver “Laughter” Maxfield will be returning to provide detailed breakdowns of the season’s thrilling in-game action and high-level competitive play, while social media host Melek “m3lly” Balgün will bring you plenty of mini-games, contests and giveaways throughout the shows.

The entire season will be being streamed live on the Europe channel, so make sure you tune in!

For more information about the League Europe, please visit the official website.


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