ESL One Frankfurt 2015 seating and ticket information

Following yesterday’s announcement that there will be another ESL One Frankfurt in 2015, today we’re releasing information about the all-important seating and ticket arrangements.

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This year’s iteration of ESL One Frankfurt was by all accounts a great success, but as with any event that’s the first of its kind there were a few areas where improvements could be made. Having taken everyone’s feedback into account, we’ve taken steps to try and fix these for the next ESL One Frankfurt.

Layout and seating

One of the main changes you’ll notice at ESL One Frankfurt 2015 is the layout, which will be rotated by 90 degrees compared with 2014’s and have an updated seating structure. This will ensure that everyone is much closer to the screen and thus have a better better and audio experience, while Premium ticket holders will have what will undeniably be the best seats in the house. The inner field will play host to lots of attractions including the Secret Shop, but there will be no seats there in 2015.


Retirement of the Early Bird area

There will not be a dedicated Early Bird seating area at ESL Frankfurt 2015 as this caused logistical, security and viewing issues for some as well as making it difficult for people who had purchased tickets at different times to sit together.

However, buying a ticket on Monday will still get you the cheapest ESL One Frankfurt ticket possible - the earlier you buy, the better deal you’ll get.

A regular Weekend ticket will allow you to sit anywhere in the arena (except for the Premium area, of course!).

Premium tickets

This year, Premium ticket holders will hands down have the best viewing and audio experience in the stadium. ESL One Frankfurt 2015 will also ensure those with Premium seating have easier access to the attractions in the stadium’s inner area as well as a wider selection of food and more flexible ways of getting it (all of which will be free as before).

The Premium Area will also play host to exclusive signing sessions and have its own designated Secret Shop, with those who purchase a Premium ticket also receiving a goodie bag upon arrival as well as a special Dota 2 in-game item.

NEW: Aegis Experience

At our previous, some people asked to have the option for an even better premium experience that also offered a greater degree of privacy in addition to further perks. As a result, we are pleased to be able to offer the Aegis Experience to ESL One Frankfurt 2015 attendees.

An Aegis Experience ticket will get you your own private lounge as well as four additional tickets for your friends. As well as having all the best food and drink available to you for free in your lounge, you’ll have your own dedicated host or hostess to take care of you during the event as well as massages on tap. As well as access to the Premium Area with all the perks that that entails, you’ll also get a VIP invite to the afterparty and a limited edition ESL One Frankfurt 2015 t-shirt and hoodie only available to Aegis Experience ticket holders each for you and your friends.

Simply put, the Aegis Experience is the best possible experience available at ESL One Frankfurt 2015.

Prize pool contribution

At ESL One Frankfurt 2014, there was no option for ticket buyers to directly contribute to the prize pool. However, this will change for ESL One Frankfurt 2015. Instead of increasing ticket prices and forcing everyone to contribute a percentage, when you buy a ticket you can choose to directly contribute to the US$150,000 base prize pool right down to the amount. We will be covering all payment fees, so whatever amount you choose will go directly into the prize pool - 100% to the teams with no cuts whatsoever.

Payment methods

We used PayPal for ESL One Frankfurt’s previous iteration but were not satisfied with some parts of the process and wanted to give everyone a more direct way to pay. As such, for ESL One Frankfurt 2015 we will be using Eventbrite to handle all payments, meaning everyone can use all major credit cards, and for everyone from Germany we have Sofortüberweisung and direct debit/SEPA-Lastschrift (available in January 2015). Our refund policy will stay the same.

RMV tickets and public transportation

Due to some regulation changes pertaining to identification for electronic tickets, we cannot yet guarantee that we will be able to offer an inclusive public transportation option. However, we are doing what we can to make sure we can offer it, and will be keeping you posted as we work out the technical details.

Ticket options summary

Below you’ll find an at-a-glance breakdown of ticket prices and what each type will get you.

  • Day ticket - €19.90 € (available from May 1st 2015)
  • Weekend ticket - €29.90 holiday special (€34.90 after May 1st 2015)
  • Premium ticket - €169.90 holiday special (€189.90 after May 1st 2015)

A Premium ticket includes:

+ Premium Area seating
+ Free food and drink
+ Exclusive signing sessions
+ Dedicated Secret Shop
+ A goodie bag
+ Special in-game item

  • Aegis Experience - €2,999

The Aegis Experience gets you:

+ A private lounge for you and four friends to enjoy the games from
+ An assigned host or hostess throughout the event
+ Unlimited food and drinks
+ In-lounge massages
+ Early access to the venue
+ VIP invites to the ESL One Frankfurt 2015 afterparty
+ Five limited edition ESL One Frankfurt 2015 t-shirts and hoodies
+ Exclusive signing sessions
+ Dedicated Secret Shop
+ A goodie bag
+ Special in-game item

Tickets go on sale on Monday the 15th of December at 17:00 CET!

Grab your ticket here from 17:00 CET!


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