ESL Fantasy League of Legends returns for the 2015 LCS Spring Split!

Good news, fantasy fans! ESL Fantasy League of Legends will be returning for the 2015 LCS Spring Split when kicks off on the 22nd of January at 18:00 CET, so read on to find out how it works as well as what you need to do to get involved.

Visit the ESL Fantasy League of Legends homepage!

How it works

As with most previous ESL Fantasy leagues, ESL Fantasy users have a virtual salary with which they can buy players each week, with the money they earn as a result of their team’s success able to be spent on players.

Players are locked during game days, so you have until the first match of the week in order to pick your players. When the first play week is finished, the players are unlocked and you can switch your rosters around right up until the first match day of the next player week.

There are also a couple of changes to how this installment of ESL Fantasy will work to bear in mind, namely:

  • Users must pick five players as well as one team for their lineup
  • The point system from ESL Fantasy Cologne will be being used, but dragons are now worth 1.5 points and Barons 3 points - see below for full point allocation details

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The private leagues beta is here!

We’ll be releasing more information on the ESL Fantasy private leagues beta soon, but here’s a quick summary of how it will work.

In a nutshell, the private leagues beta means that you can now play ESL Fantasy with - and against - your friends. Simply get together on your preferred VOIP or chat platform, discuss which players you want to draft then have your league manager enter the teams into the ESL Fantasy site.

In an ESL Fantasy private league:

  • There are a maximum of ten teams per league
  • Each team will have eight slots - six active roster slots (one players for each position plus one team) as well as two bench slots
  • A player can only be part of one team
  • A team can only have two players for each position
  • Private leagues use the same points system as public leagues

Take part and win!

As well as playing for bragging rights, top ESL Fantasy players can also lay claim to some great prizes provided by ASUS Republic of Gamers, our official Fantasy league partner.

Depending on how well you do, you could win:

  • First place: 1 x ASUS Notebook G751JT-DH72*
  • Second place: 1 x ASUS Nomad backpack*
  • Third place: 1 x €50 ESL Shop voucher

*Due to warranty, only winners with a valid North American address can qualify for ASUS prizes as they can only be shipped within the United States and Canada. Players from other regions will get replacement prizes (1st place: Nexus 9 or iPad Air 2; 2nd place: €100 ESL Shop voucher).

Head over to the ESL Fantasy homepage to sign up now!

Good luck!


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