Epic eSports as decided by you: the top 10 ESL videos of all time

Who decides the top ten ESL YouTube videos? You do! Or at least you have… We’ve collected the top ten most-viewed ESL YouTube videos and assembled them here for you in ascending order. Take a look - some of them might surprise you!

10) ESL’s League of Legends Harlem Shake

Views: 626,729+

This may just be a 30 second clip, but every single champion, item and more had to be individually recorded by ESL employees. Hours of work went into this, so you better watch it! Well worth it, too.

9) Intel Extreme Masters Hanover Counter-Strike Grand Finals - Natus Vincere vs. ESC

Views: 620,591+

Blast from the past: while we’re all used to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (check out ESL One Cologne!), the action really began with Counter-Strike 1.6. This videos shows the Intel Extreme Masters Hannover Grand Finals between Natus Vincere and ESC - one for the history books for sure.

8) League of Legends Invitational Grand Final CeBIT 2011: aAa vs. MyRevenge

Views: 793,599+

Hard to picture it now, but here’s footage of xPeke playing against SoaZ and YellowStar! The now-core components of Fnatic used to be split between Team aAa and MyRevenge. Check out the Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends Invitational Grand Final (2011)...

7) SK Gaming Asia vs. HON Round 4a Grand Final 2 - Global Finals

Views: 1,253,877+

Here’s some gameplay we don’t very often see anymore. Back from the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals in 2009 (yes, we’ve been around that long!), here’s SK Gaming Asia battling it out against HON. Bonus: it’s 2GD casting! How can you say no? Go on, click the play button.

6) It's not just a game - FX vs. SK impressions

Views: 1,523,251+

“It’s just a game?” Can’t say that to these guys. This short clip was filmed in the closing moments of the Intel Extreme Masters season five World Championship semifinal between Frag eXecutors and SK Gaming - it’s well worth the watch. This is eSports!

5) Intel Extreme Masters Hanover League of Legends - Grand Finals - Dignitas vs. Moscow Five

Views: 1,645,389+

Bonus: interviews and analysis from Elementz (then on Team Curse) and Ocelote (then SK Gaming) ahead of the Intel Extreme Masters Hannover Grand Finals. Worth it just to see them back in 2012 - only two years ago, but wow what a change! Talking of changes, check out Summoner’s Rift…

4) n0thing de_nuke wallbanged

Views: 1,771,095+

This old chestnut from 2008 is a clip of n0thing executing a headshot wallbang against Team EG.canada on de_nuke. Footage is taken from the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Montreal, way back in season three, which then featured Counter-Strike 1.6, World of Warcraft and WarCraft II! Blast from the past, indeed…

3) Intel Extreme Masters Kiev League of Legends Grand Final: Team SoloMid vs. Moscow Five

Views: 1,795,942+

Phreak and Carmac (with a short Uszat appearance!)  introduce the Intel Extreme Masters season six Global Challenge Kiev League of Legends final. Although this was back in 2012, the two teams in question are ones you’re sure to know: Team SoloMid and Moscow Five. Almost three hours of absolutely epic League of Legends action await those who click the play button! Or just, you know, skim through, whatever works for you.

2) Counter-Strike Global Offensive: America vs. Europe

Views: 2,976,857+

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) debuted at the 2011 Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge New York, making this the first CS:GO match ever broadcast! Team America faced off against Team Europe with Joe Miller and Midway casting the action. Warning: trash talk. Spoiler: the best team won (#notbiasedatall).

1) xPeke backdoor vs. SK Gaming at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice

Views: 4,207,603+             

Fnatic defeating SK Gaming in the 2013 Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Final has gone down as one of the most iconic in-game League of Legends moments of all time. Watched by almost 4 million people to date, the bittersweet victory is one that will be remembered forever.
All these videos (and many, many more) can be found over on the ESL YouTube page. Stay up to date with new releases by following ESL on Twitter! For more information about what goes on behind the scenes at ESL TV, you can also check out an interview we did with ESL TV editor Alexander Holz-Shedden here.


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