Crowning the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom champion

After the Koreans reigned supreme on day four, we were in for a treat on the final day of StarCraft II action, live from the packed Intel Extreme Masters stage at gamescom 2015. Check out how the finals matches of the tournament went down.

Semifinal one: soO vs. FanTaSy

Day five started off with a nail biter straight from the get-go. Five maps were necessary to determine a winner between SK Telekom’s soO and Dead Pixel’s star Terran, FanTaSy. After a hot start from soO, many onlookers counted Fantasy out, but the crafty Korean fought his way back into the series, erasing a 0-2 deficit. But soO managed to regain his stellar form just when he needed it most, which allowed him to close out the tightly contested series with 3-2 and thereby securing his spot in the grand finals.

Semifinal two: MMA vs. INnoVation

Match number two of the day pitted two Terrans against each other in MMA and INnoVation. Seen as the favorite coming into the matchup and maybe of the whole tournament altogether, INnoVation quickly took control in the series, taking the game off MMA. And once in the lead, the Machine would not let go of the series. The SK Telekom player rolled through the matchup 3-0 and set up a clash between teammates for the grand final.

Grand final: soO vs. INnoVation

A teamkill was on the books for the grand final of Intel Extreme Masters gamescom. SK Telekom T1 teammates soO and INnoVation were forced to sever their ties for the duration of the best of seven series and the latter continued his impressive run with an impressive 2-0 start to the matchup. soO didn’t get a whole lot of breathing room in the series, but managed to pull one back in game three, where INnoVation’s bunker rush fell short, allowing the Zerg to crush the Terran’s defenseless base with mass banelings. But in the end, it was merely a stumbling block for INnoVation, who got right back on his feet and managed to close out the series in incredible fashion. 4-1 was the final scoreline in favor of the Terran, who closed out his Intel Extreme Masters performance with seven wins in eight games on the final day of play.

Your Intel Extreme Masters gamescom champion: INnoVation!

See the highlights of day five and more over at!

This concludes a thrilling five day tournament, filled with amazing performances, strong comebacks and one particularly happy Terran. If you missed out on any of the games or simply want to refresh your memory, take a look at our daily recaps of Intel Extreme Masters gamescom right here:


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