Compete in June’s Go4’s for a chance at amazing prizes

We’ve got another batch of Go4 tournaments in store for you! More than 50 competitions with tons of cash up for grabs, in-game prizes and brand-new hardware. Better yet, you can measure your team’s strength against like-minded opponents in a competitive setting. To join the fray, simply pick a game of your choice from the likes of Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and many more!

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After their recent success, we caught up with the winners of the 148th European Go4RocketLeague cup - WithMyBoyzs: Faykow (c), Sebadam & Data.

ESL: What made your team sign up to compete in ESL Play cups?
The prize is of course the main motivation but we also want to compete in the monthly Finals for the ESL Monthly titles. We are pretty confident that will get the 1st position.

ESL: How many hours do you play per week and what’s your training regiment like? How many of those hours are spent SoloQing and how many are spent in scrims/training?
We spend at least 20-30 hours per week playing Rocket League and play in every tournament we can. We also scrim against 2-3 teams per week for 1-2 hours.

ESL: What are your long-term aspirations in esports?
WMB: We would like to be the top team in Europe, but also as individuals, be top-level players. Competing in big tournaments such as RLCS is also a big goal of ours.
Sebadam: What keeps me going is my dream to compete in huge competitions such as RLCS. I spend a lot of time on Rocket League and I want to be on the top, that's why I'm taking a year gap from school to pursue this dream of mine.

ESL: What advice do you have for players/fans looking to follow your footsteps?
WMB: Play a lot and try to learn from pro/high level players.

It’s never too late to compete and there’s still time to secure your spot in the monthly finals of each competition. Check out the Go4 hub, pick out the tournament of your choice and with a bit of luck, and more importantly skill, you’ll have a spot on the podium at the end of the month.


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