"Coming to Boston to win it": DreamTeam Gears of War profile

TEAM: DreamTeam
TEAM WEBSITE: dreamteam.gg

  • Xcells Real Name: Christopher Hill
  • Sicamore Real Name: Marvin Moya
  • Demo Real Name: Edwin Perez
  • Sleepytime Real Name: Yadiel Hidalgo
  • Coach: Raynard Lugo Mejia

The team formerly known as Tragedy/Onslaught were recently picked up by the organization DreamTeamGG, and after going through two roster changes, the team as a whole is relatively new. DreamTeam replaced their long-time teammate TwistedShot with Demo in between seasons and midway through Season 2 Supremoz left and was replaced by Xcells.

DreamTeam’s current players are still finding their footing in terms of communication and teamwork, but are going confidently into the Finals after winning a dramatic matchup against E6 and securing their place in the Season 2 top four. Will this star-studded roster be able to make a name for themselves at PAX East?

ESL: How is your team preparing for the Season 2 Finals?
DreamTeam: We are currently preparing for the finals by changing up certain strategies that would be more suitable for LAN and by watching numerous tapes on the the other finalists Team Envyus, Denial, and Notorious. We are also putting in the time to play ranked matches, GB’s, and of course scrimming other teams to work on rotations and hidden tricks.

ESL: What part of your game does your team have to improve on most in order to win?
DreamTeam: In order to win our team has to improve our communication. At certain times we complain a lot about what happened mid-round. Not all rounds are perfect and even if we were are a man down we have to remember that the round isn't over yet. We have to stay focused. We also have to work on being on the same page, we are all extremely individually skilled and sometimes we enjoy fighting with our shotguns too much, so finding a balance is key.

ESL: What is your team most confident about coming into the Finals?
DreamTeam: Our team is very confident going into Finals because unlike before we have been studying other teams and looking out for small tendencies that will make a difference if we know them. We will play Team Envyus first and many individuals are counting us out, but they fail to realize that we are really close behind them and have scrimmed them numerous times before. We also beat them in the Pro League twice and match up really well against them when it comes to playing styles. We feel we have the raw skill and teamwork to beat any team.

ESL: Which team are you most excited to play? Least excited?
DreamTeam: The team that we are most excited to play is Team Envyus because even though we are really good friends outside of Gears we want to show them that we are clearly better. This is definitely about bragging rights and to prove to the world that we are the best. Aside from this, we want to face Denial in the Finals to have a shot at a rematch, this time around with the new-and-improved squad. We can’t really say that we are less excited to play any team because every team is a challenge and DreamTeam is coming to Boston to win it.

The Gears of War Pro League Season 2 Finals will happen live at PAX East in Boston on Saturday, April 23. The top four teams will compete for the championship title and a share of the US$60,000 prize pool. Be sure to follow the ESL Gears of War Pro League on Facebook and Twitter for all the updates!


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