Climb to the top of the food chain at ESL One Frankfurt

If you've been keeping an eye on, chances are you've seen us writing about Evolve, the latest game from Left 4 Dead developers Turtle Rock Studios and 2K.

With our very own Johannes Schiefer as well as ESL commentators Lauren "Pansy" Scott and Jason Kaplan all having given us their perspectives, at ESL One it'll be your turn...

Play Evolve at ESL One Frankfurt!

In addition to all the other great people and things that'll be at ESL One, 2K will be there with 20 top gaming PCs set up specifically for you to play Evolve on.
These PCs will be running the E3 build of the game, meaning you'll also get the opportunity to try out the Kraken, the latest monster to join Goliath in Evolve's lethal lineup.

The Lovecraftian horror that is the Kraken's abilities are as follows:

  • Lightning Strike - The Kraken summons lightning into a skill shot that deals massive AOE damage
  • Banshee Mine - The Kraken vomits up a banshee that flies after the hunters and screeches at them incessantly
  • Aftershock - The Kraken unleashes an electrical pulse that heavily damages nearby hunters
  • Vortex - Knocks back hunters while also dealing damage to them

In addition to these awesome ranged abilities, the Kraken is also capable of flight, leading to senior producer Michael Boccieri to rather aptly describe the beast as a "flying squid magician".

And to the winners, the spoils...

Those who emerge triumphant from their foray into Evolve's lush tropical jungles at ESL One will have the trophies to show for it.

Winners will get their hands on exclusive T-shirts with the role they played emblazoned across the back - everyone wants a piece of clothing that identifies them a monster, right?

To ensure you keep up to date with everything that's going on at ESL One Frankfurt, be sure to check out the official site as well as keeping an eye on for coverage throughout the weekend.


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