Can compLexity continue their great performances at ESL One Manila?

Joining our group of first time ESL One participants at ESL One Manila this year will be none other than compLexity. The NA organisation has been on the rise lately, securing very respectable, almost surprising finishes in recent competitions. They are a very polarizing team, in no small reason due to their captain Kyle “swindlemelonzz” Freedman, whose confident and outspoken persona very much parts the Dota 2 fanbase. But it have been his supporters that have had the last laugh as of late, seeing as how well his team has been performing and we’re excited to welcome them in Manila.

But first and foremost, we can’t go without mentioning their run in the Shanghai Major. Everyone remembers the panel segment between 2GD and Swindlezz, where nobody really took his comments about the rise of the NA and SEA scene seriously, only to see teams from those regions finish in 3rd to 6th place, including coL’s 5th/6th place finish. What is even more remarkable about coL’s run in particular, is the fact that they had to start out immediately in the lower bracket, playing only do-or-die games, including two best-of-ones, yet still achieving such a high placement.

There haven’t been too many chances for them to test themselves since then aside from Dota Pit Season 4, where they had to take a backseat to the team of the moment, MVP Phoenix. But now in Manila they have another shot to prove to the world that not only is NA on the rise, but that compLexity is leading the charge. It’ll be interesting to find out which teams come out strongest after the recent shuffles and the playing field at ESL One Manila will give us a first glimpse into exactly that, with so many top tier teams from around the globe present.

Position Player Most played heroes (patch 6.86)
Carry Chessie   
Mid Limmp   
Offlane swindlezz   
Support Zfreek   
Support Handsken   

Recent matchups against other attendees

Starting off the tournament, compLexity have been handed a group with Team Liquid, Wings Gaming and Mineski. Team Liquid might be a tough nut to crack for them looking at their 0-2 loss at the Shanghai Major, but the general consensus is that they nonetheless have a great chance to advance to the semi finals, be it in first or second place. Their matchup against Wings will be particularly interesting though, as the teams have never before and it could very well tip the balance in group A.

Team Secret

  • 1-1 at MarsTV Dota 2 League
  • 0-1 at MarsTV Dota 2 League


  • 2-0 at MarsTV Dota 2 League


  • 1-1 at MarsTV Dota 2 League
  • 0-1 at MarsTV Dota 2 League

Team Liquid

  • 0-2 at Shanghai Major qualifier

See compLexity in action in Manila!

Is it really the time for compLexity to shine and NA to set the tone in the Dota scene? Find out in the Mall of Asia Arena in less than two weeks and check out the official ESL One Manila site, as well as our team previews to prepare yourself.

And be sure to keep an eye on ESL Dota 2 on Twitter and Facebook for further tournament news and updates and don’t forget to challenge yourself in our ESL One Manila fantasy league by creating your own dream team. Good luck!


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