Breaking down the Quake World Championships $1,000,000 Prize Pool

One of the biggest esports announcements to come out of E3 was the $1,000,000 prize pool for the Quake World Championships, where months of hard work will lead to the final climactic battles raging across the main esports stage at QuakeCon 2017.


The Quake World Championships will reignite competition in the classic 1v1 Duel game mode, where aim is only one component of success. Players use Quake’s unique movement to strafe jump and rocket jump around the arena collecting or denying their opponent of vital strategic resources. Heated rivalries have flared up over the last 15+ years in the hyper-competitive Quake Duel landscape and we’re sure to see veterans and newcomers alike vie for those coveted seats on the main stage at QuakeCon.


Quake Champions introduced the new Sacrifice game mode, a twist on classic objective-based team arena combat. Four-player teams compete to secure and transport a demonic soul to one of two obelisks on each map, and must defend it against the enemy team’s onslaught until the soul is consumed.


With qualifiers kicking off next week, we’re excited to announce exactly how the best Duel and Sacrifice players at the QWC finals at QuakeCon will be splitting that $1,000,000! Top teams will get all-expenses-paid travel to their respective Regional Final. Teams that move on from the Regionals will join the top duelers with paid travel and accomodations for the finals at QuakeCon 2017.

Will we see fresh new faces rise to the challenge as they set foot into the legendary arena that is competitive Quake? Or will returning legends show us how it’s done yet again, and defend their titles from previous QuakeCons?


Whether you’re an old-timer that needs to dust off their mouse and keyboard or an up-and-coming Quake player, register now for the Quake World Championships, step into the arena, and start fragging!

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