After day four of StarCraft II at IEM Katowice only 12 players are left

We’ve already had four intense days, filled to the brim with StarCraft II action and yesterday we said goodbye to six more players to finalize the Ro24 groups. Yesterday’s end of the marathon round-robin group stage helped us determine the Ro12 match-ups, as well as the four players that would go directly to the quarterfinals. Check out who came out ahead!

Group A

As one of the tournament favorites, ByuN managed to secure himself the first place in group A and with that a direct spot in quarterfinals. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for him though with him losing his very first match to eventual second place Ryung. Rounding out the top three is Solar, eliminating an impressive HeRoMaRinE, as well as herO and Snute from the tournament.

1st ByuN 4-1 8-3
2nd Ryung 3-2 8-4
3rd Solar 3-2 6-7
4th HeRoMaRinE 2-3 5-6
5th herO 2-3 5-8
6th Snute 1-4 5-9

Group B

Group B was complete dominated by the Koreans, leaving both Harstem and Neeb at the bottom of the table. But with four Koreans vying for three spots, one had to give way and it ended up being jjjakji who drew the short straw by just missing the playoffs. Overall, aLive finished with the best overall group stage performance, a stellar 5-0, thereby going directly to the quarterfinals and leaving the Ro12 spots to both Stats and TY.

1st aLive 5-0 10-2
2nd Stats 3-2 7-6
3rd TY 3-2 7-6
4th jjakji 2-3 7-8
5th Harstem 1-4 5-8
6th Neeb 1-4 3-9

Group C

Who would have thought that Serral would be the strongest foreigner in the group stages! The Finish Zerg managed the group ahead of the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2015 champion - Zest. To the joy of the fans, the third and final playoffs spot ended up going to Nerchio who will be the only Polish player in the next phase of the tournament.

1st Serral 4-1 8-4
2nd Zest 3-2 7-5
3rd Nerchio 3-2 7-5
4th Patience 2-3 5-7
5th PiLiPiLi 2-3 5-7
6th TRUE 1-4 4-8

Group D

Group D was an experience similar to Group B for all foreigners, who had to watch from the sides as the Koreans crushed the groups and secured the top three placements. One of the highlights was most definitely the GuMiho vs ShoWTimE match which included a draw in the midst of their full Bo3, as both players agreed to call it that way, resulting in them playing four games against each other. GuMiho was able to eventually win that extra long series with 2-1.

1st GuMiho 4-1 9-5
2nd Dark 4-1 8-4
3rd INnoVation 3-2 8-4
4th uThermal 3-2 6-6
5th ShoWTimE 1-4 5-8
6th MaNa 0-5 1-10


Check out tomorrow Ro12 and quarterfinal matchups!

Tune in tomorrow at 12:00 CET to catch the start of the Ro12 bracket, as we’re in for another StarCraft II filled day in Katowice. For the complete bracket overview and Ro12 matchups, be sure to check out our Intel Extreme Masters StarCraft II hub and you can find match highlights and score updates on the IEM Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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