A new [R]eason making it to the LCS?

Lublin Shore, formerly mousesports and MYM, recently found a new organization in the form of [R]eason Gaming, now the new home of Makler and his team. Still having three players from their LCS roster and a good win record against all major competitors within the Challenger scene made them a good pick for any organization looking for a team that could potentially take the next step and advance to the LCS once again.

Ever since dropping out of the LCS, the team kept fighting to show their skills and take their spot among the best. Even though their latest attempt, then playing for mousesports, was stopped in the first round of Challenger Series Playoffs by [R]eason’s last team, Makler and his mates have shown time and time again that they’re still one of the best teams in Europe. So far, the summer season has seen them shining in almost every tournament they took part in – them ending up as one of the teams in the EU top eight of the Challenger Series Grand Final would be no real surprise.

The dominant force in the Challenger circuit

Besides advancing to the Challenger Series Semifinals with their 2-0 win over Denial eSports, the Poles also won the Black Monster Cup Summer Season in a remarkable fashion against the likes of SK Gaming Prime and Unicorns of Love, two of the hottest names on the circuit right now. Now there’s another chance just ahead to demonstrate just who’s the biggest fish in the Challenger pond.

Payback time for Denial?

In the ESL Euro Series [R]eason Gaming is already set to play in the grand final taking place on Monday the 9th of June. Meanwhile, tonight at 20:00 CEST Denial eSports will face Team Rock in order to win another chance at challenging [R]eason Gaming in a few days’ time.

Judging from their performance in both the Challenger Series and other cups, Denial is somewhat of a favorite, and will gain another chance at making their loss in the Challenger Series weigh a little less.

[R]eason is now waiting for either Denial or Team Rock to join them in the grand final, which will kick off on Monday at 21:00 CEST, underlining their ambition to make it back into the LCS and take a spot among the best eight teams in Europe.

Is [R]eason Gaming’s recent success a sign of them being ready to take on LCS teams in the next relegation once more? Tell us in the comments below!


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