Welcome to ESLGaming.com!

Today we are pleased to be able to present you with the next step in the evolution of ESL’s web presence: our new media portal and the brand new ESL network bar.

As a continually expanding eSports company with a variety of products ranging from global tournaments such as the Intel Extreme Masters and ESL One to smaller scale eSports leagues, tournaments, shows and streams, the network bar will allow us to bring everything under one roof. Meanwhile, at the heart of the ESL network, we plan on growing ESLGaming.com as a hub where you can find the latest news, videos and stories from across the ESL.

What's new and what can you expect from it?

At the moment, ESLGaming.com is an online eSports magazine where you will be able to find ESL-exclusive news, videos and articles as well as blogs and opinion pieces from the people who help make the ESL what it is. This means you can expect cutting-edge insights from the world's top eSports experts as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses from the people who bring you some of the biggest events and moments in the industry.

More things to come

As you can see from the network bar, there's a lot more on the way, with these additional features due to be launched over the next few months. Still upcoming are:

  • An upgraded media center – With improved navigation of VODs and streams, we will be revamping our ESL TV page and integrating it into our content network more closely than before. Look forward to more and better functionality as well as continually expanding content
  • An overhaul of our gaming portal – Home to our league and tournament system, the ESL.eu site has produced many great players and team. So it can continue to grow, we are currently working on restructuring and improving the site, making it more user friendly and easier to navigate. Coming up is a new design and a growing selection of games and amateur competitions

Take part!

We want you to get involved, and with the new site this is easier than ever before. Share, tweet, comment and more. Wade into every discussion and make sure to bring your friends - everyone on the internet has opinions, and we want to hear (most of) them.

What next?

As said by every new website ever: stay tuned!

We have a load of great content planned for the coming weeks, especially with the Intel Extreme Masters World Championships just around the corner, so make sure you're following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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