Watch Jason Kaplan’s This is Nosgoth and prove your skills with ESL

While Nosgoth has been part of the ESL esports stable for a while now, the open beta has brought in some new faces who aren’t necessarily familiar with all the possibilities the third person arena game has to offer. Our very own Jason Kaplan took this chance to showcase the game along with Dead Sun Zenith, the most successful Nosgoth team in the ESL European closed and open beta cups so far.

This is Nosgoth with Jason Kaplan and Dead Sun Zenith

After going through the classes and giving some insight into the differences between the Human and the Vampire sides, Jason and his guests jump into a couple of games to showcase their gameplay as well as what makes the game fun. Dead Sun Zenith also provide handy hints and tips throughout that can help everyone who wants to give Nosgoth a try. So, if you’ve picked up Nosgoth up and need to show your friends why they should too, you may want to show them this VOD!

Put your knowledge to good use and win money by playing Nosgoth!

As Nosgoth is now in open beta, you can pick it up and get into the war between Vampires and Humans whenever you want. ESL hosts a weekly open beta cup series in both Europe and North America, giving you the opportunity to test your skills against other players in your region.

Want to see how far you and your friends can get? If you’re successful, there’s €600 a week and an additional €500 in the monthly finals up for grabs.

The dates for the next Nosgoth open beta cups are as follows:

Check out the Nosgoth homepage for more information about the game or head over to the ESL Nosgoth hub to find the open beta cup series and more. You can also stay update to date on Facebook and Twitter by following our the Nosgoth accounts.

We hope you join us as part of the ESL Nosgoth family soon!


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