Wargaming.net League Season II 2016-17 starts this week

Last year ended with Tornado Energy winning Champions Rumble in Moscow and securing a slot in The Grand Finals 2017. This year’s event will see the 12 best teams from all four regions (three from APAC, CIS and EU, two from NA as well as Tornado Energy) which means there are still eleven open slots in The Grand Finals 2017.

EU Schedule

Season II will come with three round-robin rounds, so teams will face each other three times in total. First round will begin on 12th of January and last till the 29th. Second round is scheduled between 29th of January and 18th of February. Final round of Season II in the European region is set to start on 18th of February. Season II will end on 10th of March. It will be followed by the Wargaming League Season II Finals (ESL Arena, Katowice) with four best teams from European Wargaming League. Then three best ranked teams will secure their tickets to The Grand Finals 2017 to compete with the best teams from the other regions in The Grand Finals 2017.


For European region matches will be broadcasted from Thursday to Sunday with following schedule:

  • Thursday: 2 matches from 19:00 CET
  • Friday: 2 matches from 19:00 CET
  • Saturday: 3 matches from 17:30 CET
  • Sunday: 3 matches from 17:30 CET
  • Live broadcast will be available on wgl.gg/watch

The North American division starts on the 11th of January, while both CIS and APAC regions start on the 13th of January. Check all times and dates on the WGL website.

Season Overview

It is probably too early to predict, but it seems that Season 2 of the Wargaming League in 2017 is going to be very interesting.

First, there will be only 8 Teams participating not 12: This means only teams who proved their value will participate, apart maybe from two newcomers, more about them below. We can fairly say that what remains in the EU League is the crème de la crème: DiNG and Kazna Kru made it to the Champions Final in Moscow while Oops and Utopia were competing in the Regional Finals in Katowice. Go Hard and Swift looked also quite strong last Season. The Teams will play three rounds in an all-play-all tournament format, i.e. each contestant will meet other contestants three times throughout the season. In Season 1 they met twice only. This will make the competition less prone to random factors. Also the teams will collect more points in the Global Ranking which will give a chance to qualify to the Grand Final even to the Teams who were not performing so well during Season 1!

Second, the modified streaming schedule: on Thursdays and Fridays two matches per day and on Saturdays and Sundays three matches per day.

Third, welcome to two new teams: Gunrunners and eSuba. who will hopefully be a breath of fresh air to make the competition even more interesting. Also, don’t tell anyone … there will be some unexpected changes in the teams’ line-ups. Can you wish for more to be entertained?

Overall, it looks like a very exciting beginning of the year for WoT and WGL fans.

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