Top 5 moments of EMS One Katowice

A truly remarkable weekend has just finished. For those who want to relive the EMS One Katowice magic or didn't get a chance to watch the games, we've summed up all the matches in daily roundups. However, as (moving) pictures say more than a thousand words, here are our top five moments of EMS One Katowice, as well as links to the full VODs and our match reviews below. Enjoy!

5. markeloff turns the tide

The decider match between Titan and HellRaisers was the perfect time for former Na'Vi star player markeloff to showcase his skills. In a one on three with Titan, who were on the verge of getting back into the game, he took on the French to bring things back in his team's favor.

Full VOD of HellRaisers vs. Titan
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4. cajunb kicks things off

Starting their quarter final against Titan-slayers HellRaisers, Team Dignitas had to stand strong. Enter cajunb, who played a great tournament overall and set things off with a massive pistol round, the initial frag and more besides.

Full VOD of Dignitas vs. HellRaisers: Map 1 | Map 2
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3. schneider keeps Fnatic alive

Facing fellow Swedes LGB, schneider and his team were struggling but schneider was not letting his team down. In this round schneider, with his team dying around him, had to pull some sick moves to claim the round and keep Fnatic in the game.

Full VOD of Fnatic vs. LGB: Map 1 | Map 2 | Map 3
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2. The (semi)final moment playing LGB was a perfect example of what to expect in the Grand Final. The crowd, despite still only watching the action on the smaller CS:GO stage, was so pumped to see their local heroes win that you could hear them cheering on other streams.

Full VOD of vs. LGB: Map 1 | Map 2 | Map 3
Match review on

1. sNax pulling a ninja on the Ninjas in the Grand Final

If you missed this, you missed one of the best moments in eSports history. Not only did the underdog catch the tournament favorite off guard, they also brought them down in style while being cheered on by an unrivaled and highly enthusiastic audience. If you haven't found a reason to watch this game yet, let sNax's awesome move change your mind.

Full VOD of vs. NiP: Map 1 | Map 2
Match review on

For more CS:GO awesomeness in the form of videos, stats and match reviews, head over to, TheDemoVault or MrTweeday

You don't agree? Leave your top five in the comments!


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