Top 10 moments at ESL One Frankfurt

ESL One Frankfurt was a legendary event that spanned two days and saw more than 25,000 people enter the Commerzbank-Arena. With an event this big, incredible things happen all over the place! Whether it was on the big screen or in the player lounges, here are the top ten moments from ESL One Frankfurt.

10. Chuan and Loda hanging out

Champion Chuan catching up with Loda in between matches. The amount of camaraderie between players in the Dota 2 scene is constantly impressive.

9. Storm Spirit cosplay

This guy was everywhere, always making everyone smile. Even at the Twitch afterparty Storm Spirit made an appearance, still rockin’ his blue paint.

8. Ending of Cloud 9 vs. Alliance

You couldn’t ask for a more epic ending to the first day of the tournament. 83 minutes with a photo finish in a base race. Epic!​

7. Sportsmanship after the Cloud 9 vs. Alliance game

After losing an 83-minute back-and-forth game, anyone would be upset. However, being gracious in victory shows true sportsmanship. Pictured here is Loda consoling EternaLEnVy after the match.

6. Universe Chrono vs. iG

Just a flawless ultimate from Universe to seal victory in game one of the grand finals.

5. PPD Juke and deny vs. iG

PPD managed to not only get away from iG, but ended up denying the kill as well.


4. Excalibur Juke in the Fnatic vs. EG game

The E-God hype is real. Cutting a path through the trees and surviving with 25 health through sheer skill.


3. The crowd, pretty much all the time

Seriously, you could hear the cheers from well outside the stadium. The crowd made this event what it was - there’s nothing quite like hearing over 10,000 people erupt for a first blood.

2. Pajkatt’s Axe

It’s pretty rare to see a 3v1 gank result in a kill for the solo laner, but to instead turn it into a double kill - and survive - is legendary.

1. iG’s flawless game three against EG

22-0… iG didn’t make a single misstep during the third game of the grand final, truly proving that they deserved to take first place.

These are just a few of the reasons I had such an amazing time at ESL One Frankfurt. If you have any to add, please put them in the comments below or tweet them @ESL!

 If you haven’t already, definitely check our other post-event coverage including a spotlight on the crowd, analysis of picks, and other content from around the web.


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