The value for money guide for ESL Fantasy LCS

It’s two weeks into the LCS season, and while some teams and players have performed as expected, there have been a fair few upsets and dark horse contenders who have carried their Fantasy squads to the top of the global rankings.

The top fantasy performers

The current Fantasy top performer rankings are led by Alliance’s AD carry Tabzz, who is at the top of the global kill rankings with 37 kills (along with 31 assists), and Shiphtur, who has led Dignitas to new heights with an extremely impressive 33/2/30 KDA over six games. Both have managed to amass over 180 Fantasy points in their first six games, while also helping their teams place at the top of their league. They are joined by three more mid and AD carry players as well as two supports to round off the top ten.

Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar Position
Tabzz 187.4 $1,300 0.1442 AD carry
Shiphtur 181.2 $1,325 0.1368 Mid
Vasilii 168.9 $1,355 0.1247 AD carry
Mr RalleZ 150.7 $1,090 0.1382 AD carry
Kerp 149.6 $1,015 0.1474 Mid
Rekkles 148.1 $1,480 0.1001 AD carry
SELFIE 144.9 $975 0.1486 Mid
Jesiz 142.8 $1,080 0.1322 Mid
wewillfailer 139.0 $1,000 0.1390 Support
XiaoWeiXiao 135.2 $1,255 0.1077 Mid
nRated 131.5 $1,105 0.1190 Support

Yet given the budget constraints team captains are faced with and the price tag that comes with many of these top performers (e.g. Rekkles), the question is whether they are actually the best value for money. In order to give team managers who are currently looking to optimize their squads for the coming weeks an alternate perspective, we’ve put together an overview of the players who have made the most points per dollar for their perspective roles.

The best value for money

Leading the chart for good value investments are Mimer and Selfie from Supa Hot Crew and week one top performer Kerp. All three have good point earnings with relatively low (but rising) price tags. They are joined by several familiar faces from the top performers list (Tabzz and Shiphtur) as well as underdogs such as Copenhagen Wolves players Airwaks and Woolite. Both have managed to maintain impressive Fantasy scores despite playing for a team that is currently 2-4. With Copenhagen Wolves playing Gambit and Millenium this week, they have an unpredictable schedule, but one that is certainly winnable. Picking up Supa Hot Crew players, on the other hand, is a massive gamble with matches against Fnatic and Alliance coming up this week.

Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar Position
Mimer 125.5 $820 0.1530 Top
SELFIE 144.9 $975 0.1486 Mid
Kerp 149.6 $1,015 0.1474 Mid
Tabzz 187.4 $1,300 0.1442 AD Carry
wewillfailer 139.0 $1,000 0.1390 Support
Mr RalleZ 150.7 $1,090 0.1382 AD Carry
Shiphtur 181.2 $1,325 0.1368 Mid
Impaler 121.8 $900 0.1353 Jungle
Airwaks 119.7 $895 0.1337 Jungle
Woolite 127.2 $960 0.1325 AD Carry
Jesiz 142.8 $1,080 0.1322 Mid

Players performing in the face of adversity

Regardless of tough schedules, there are some players who have managed to perform well in Fantasy despite playing on teams who have been losing matches. The best example of this is Evil Geniuses’ top laner Innox, who has managed to score the fourth most points among all top laners (even outscoring 5-1 Dignitas top laner ZionSpartan) despite the team going 1-5 so far. It's questionable if he can maintain this streak throughout this week's Cloud 9 and Dignitas matchups, but he is certainly someone to keep an eye out for. Below are the top performers from teams who have 2-4 records or worse - a potential indicator for future steady performance.

Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar Position
Woolite 127,2 $960 0,1325 AD Carry
Airwaks 119,7 $895 0,1337 Jungle
Innox 116,3 $955 0,1218 Top
Overpow 106,9 $950 0,1125 Mid
Cop 102,0 $990 0,1031 AD Carry
Unlimited 95,2 $895 0,1063 Support
Krepo 88,9 $965 0,0921 Support
Xpecial 88,3 $1.245 0,0709 Support
Quas 88,1 $915 0,0963 Top
IWillDominate 87,9 $860 0,1023 Jungle

Top points per dollar per position

Finally, below are the tables for top points per dollar players sorted by position. Although it’s not a given that these players will continue to perform at their current rate and many factors will determine how they fare (for reference, check last week’s analysis of drafting strategies), they are currently leading their positions in points for cost and all represent solid pickups.


Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar
Impaler 121.8 $900 0.1353
Airwaks 119.7 $895 0.1337
Shook 125.2 $1,095 0.1143
Svenskeren 108.9 $1,035 0.1052
Crumbzz 98.8 $945 0.1046

Top laners

Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar
Mimer 125.5 $820 0.1530
Innox 116.3 $955 0.1218
fredy122 112.6 $940 0.1198
Kev1n 126.4 $1,085 0.1165
Wickd 110.8 $1,035 0.1071

Mid laners

Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar
SELFIE 144.9 $975 0.1486
Kerp 149.6 $1,015 0.1474
Shiphtur 181.2 $1,325 0.1368
Jesiz 142.8 $1,080 0.1322
Overpow 106.9 $950 0.1125

AD carries

Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar
Tabzz 187.4 $1,300 0.1442
Mr RalleZ 150.7 $1,090 0.1382
Woolite 127.2 $960 0.1325
Vasilii 168.9 $1,355 0.1247
Cop 102.0 $990 0.1031


Player Fantasy points Price Points per dollar
wewillfailer 139.0 $1,000 0.1390
Nyph 130.3 $1,060 0.1229
Jree 110.6 $900 0.1228
KiWiKiD 123.3 $1,035 0.1191
nRated 131.5 $1,105 0.1190

Head over to the ESL Fantasy page to optimize your team for maximum value now!


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