The Koreans take home the world cup

Katowice's League of Legends Grand Final saw some amazing plays by OnGameNet representatives KT Rolster Bullets. They came into the tournament in a perceived slump but seem to have successfully broken out of it on the world stage. Fnatic, despite having been predicted to take home the win by fans, didn't manage to take a single game. 

The first game was characterized by Fnatic constantly being a step ahead of the Bullets, taking a comfortable gold lead and maintaining it without much effort. KT Rolster were forced to play reactionary and seemed to rely heavily on their opponents making mistakes. Fnatic played flawlessly, however, and appeared ready to take the first game of the set. Neither team seemed willing to engage, however, and although Fnatic kept up their gold lead, it didn't grow and slowly became less impactful. After mostly fighting for wave control for a couple of minutes, an extended engage had the teams trade inSec for xPeke and Rekkles, which provided the Koreans with an opportunity to take Fnatic's middle inhibitor. From this point on, the Koreans took strategical control of the game and kept it until the very end. They eventually went for a clever two-man baron which also netted them a kill on YellOwStaR. Fnatic didn't have the means to face their opponents four v. five and were defeated after a 55 minute game.

Game two saw two interesting picks from the Bullets: Ryze and Karma. Reminiscent of their Shen counterpick to Renekton against Gambit Gaming, the Koreans showed that the current top lane meta is definitely breakable. inSec would propel his team into an early gold lead and general control of the game with strong counter-jungling and counter-ganking performances. Several tactical outplays by KT Rolster set up Leopard's godlike late game Ryze, and they convincingly took the second game.

The third and last game saw the first appearance of the legendary "Lee SinSec", and boy did he show us why the blind monk was either picked or banned against him all tournament. The Korean powerhouse outplayed Fnatic in pretty much every respect in this game. In a matter of minutes, they sent Score and Mafa to the mid lane, pushed down the turret as soon as possible and established unprecedented map control. Leopard's Renekton crucially rolled over sOAZ's daring Aatrox pick and even managed to come out on top against both his laning opponent and Cyanide. Within seven minutes, the Bullets already built up a 2k gold lead. A visibly shaken Fnatic didn't manage to retort and were convincingly swept 3-0.

The KT Rolster Bullets showed the world that, despite their lackluster performances the last couple of weeks, they are still a team to be reckoned with. They managed to win the tournament as the sole Korean representative, beating Millenium, Invictus Gaming, Gambit Gaming and finally Fnatic without dropping a single game. inSec demonstrated that he hasn't lost his touch in the jungle, showcasing some awesome Kha'Zix play and more often than not filling a pivotal role in his team's wins. The KT Rolster Bullets can now call themselves Intel Extreme Masters World Champions, filling the shoes of last year's champions CJ Entus Blaze and beating 2012's champions Gambit Gaming in an exciting semifinal

All matches as well as bonus content are on the ESL YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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