The Intel Extreme Masters gamescom CS:GO survival guide

At gamescom 2015, the Intel Extreme Masters will be bringing back Counter-Strike in style. With a new lives-based tournament system, the crowd at gamescom as well as those at home will get to see Team SoloMid, EnVyUs, mousesports and more compete, but who will stand on top of the board when all the lives are gone? Let’s find out over the next four days!

Key information

Participating teams

The participating teams are as follows:


The key points about the format of the Counter-Strike competition at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom are as follows:

  • Each team joins the tournament with four lives
  • Losing a game means losing a life
  • Winning a game means the winner gets to chose the teams to play next
  • Maps will be chosen by community vote
  • To win the tournament you need to be the last team with lives left

Talent lineup

Bringing you all the CS:GO action at gamescom will be this talented lineup of personalities:


As gamescom is officially sold out, tickets can only be bought on site for €8 a day depending on the flow of visitors leaving the fairground, so please bear this in mind before coming to the event without tickets!


Find a brief overview of the CS:GO schedule here!

  • Wednesday, 5th of August: Five matches, starting at 10:00 CEST
  • Thursday, 6th of August: Six matches, starting at 10:00 CEST
  • Friday, 7th of August: Six matches, starting at 10:00 CEST
  • Saturday, 8th of August: Up to six matches, starting at 10:00 CEST

Social media

Stay up to date with all the latest about the event by keeping an eye on the following social media accounts as well as the #IEM hashtag.

We hope you enjoy the return of Counter-Strike to the Intel Extreme Masters!


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