The First Week of the World of Tanks Gold League North America is in the books!

We had some major matches this week, with some of the best teams in the WGLNA slugging it out after the offseason roster changes. Let's take a look at the broadcasted matches from this week!


On Tuesday, the previous WGLNA champions took on the new team, Teal Team 6, to welcome them into the Gold League. Teal Team 6 found out the skill it takes to play at such a high level.

Elevate absolutely annihilated Teal Team 6 in their matches on Tuesday. TT6 looked like they were still playing down in Silver League, while Elevate looked like the finely tuned killing machines that they are. Over the course of the four full battles, Elevate only lost three tanks to enemy fire, which was astounding. TT6 will have to reconsider their strategies in order to recover from their loss.


This season, we have two veteran teams who are coming back with the intention of proving themselves after last year. Dare Rising went to the playoffs, but fell short at LAN in fourth place, while o7 couldn’t quite force their way into the LAN finals at Burbank, but made some killer acquisitions in the offseason to strengthen their roster.

This match started off dead even as both teams traded battles on Mines and Prok to make the score 2-2. Then the wheels came off for o7 when Dare, in a show of pure strength, destroyed them on cliff and won both sides without losing a single tank. This momentum carried Dare to a close Sand River win, as well giving them the 5-2 match win.

It looks like o7’s new players will need another week to gel and get more acclimated to their new team, but they could still be a serious contender later on.


This was a match of the titans, a repeat of the last WGLNA LAN finals in which Elevate narrowly took the title over eClipse. However, eClipse has made some changes are are back looking for blood this season.

The first map, Prokhorovka, was a real shocker. Eclipse took it 2-0 to give them an early lead. Despite Elevate being the favorite to win going into the series, people were starting to wonder if eClipse was going to run away with this match.

Unfortunately for eClipse, things did not go as they had planned. Elevate turned it around and got a win. Then, Elevate continued to dominate until they had won five straight to shut down eClipse and secure the 5-2 victory.

Even more impressive was Elevate winning on the attacking sides of Sand River and Murovanka, which are typically very defensive sided maps.


This was F7’s big debut on the big stage after an offline loss to eClipse on Tuesday. They were facing the veteran team Aquatic M60s, who were coming off a big win against Top Tier earlier in the week.

The pregame predictions were rolling in Aquatic M60s favor, but after F7 went up 3-1 after the first two maps, people quieted down. Aquatic M60s were able to bring the game back a bit on Ghost Town with a win, but the score was still 4-2 with F7 on match point. F7 took it home with a big attacking win on Sand River to take down a veteran team and get their first Gold League win!


On Tuesday, eClipse rolled F7 with a 5-1 victory over the new team, and Aquatic M60s won a solid 5-2 victory over Top Tier.

On Thursday, Dare won a close match 5-3 against Top Tier and Teal Team 6 came out with a surprise 5-3 victory against o7, who appeared to be in serious trouble at this point.


Make sure to come watch more World of Tanks action next Tuesday at 5:30PM PST on Twitch! Starting off we will have F7 vs Dare Rising followed by o7 Gaming vs eClipse.

You can watch the pre-show with Bted and a rotating mystery guest on the Wargaming Twitch feed starting at 4:50PM PST before the broadcast.

As always, follow the WGLNA on Twitter and Facebook to keep up on all the latest news!


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