The first ever Dota 2 major champions have been crowned in Frankfurt!

The Frankfurt Major is now officially over. We went through two days of group stages and six days of playoffs, all filled with world-class Dota 2 action. We saw sixteen teams from around the world fighting for the first ever Dota 2 major championship but there could be only one emerging victorious on top of everyone else. We congratulate OG for taking home the major crown and trophy!

Lower bracket finals

Our first match of the day were the lower bracket finals between The International 5 champions, Evil Geniuses, and the international squad of OG. The series delivered many great plays and chills and kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Game one was a one-sided display of utter dominance from Evil Geniuses who had a nearly perfect run, ending with a 29-2 score in kills. It would be the only display of dominance we would see from Evil Geniuses today though, as game two took a 180 degree turnaround. OG took full control in the second game, showing that they will not give up easily and they have what it takes to go into the grand final. They carried that performance and confidence into game three which sealed the deal and with a 2-1 score, OG secured themselves a slot in the grand final and eliminated Evil Geniuses from the tournament.

No matter what the result of the final versus Team Secret would be, OG have still made a very impressive showing with the best lower bracket run in Dota 2 history. They went from the very beginning of the lower bracket till the very end, defeating teams like, CDEC Gaming or EHOME on the way. Now, there was only the final boss left in the form of Team Secret.

Grand finals

After the lower bracket finals, the time has come to determine who will take home the trophy and the title of the first ever Dota 2 major champion. It all came down to two Western teams who have shown they are truly deserving of being at the top.

The series started off with a dominant performance from OG who took the victory in game one without any major difficulty. Game two was much more intense with Team Secret putting up a better fight. The game went back and forth and lasted for over one hour. In the end, OG prevailed for the second time and was just one win away from the championship. Team Secret did not give up easily though, as they managed to pick up their game and take the next victory, forcing a game four in the series and thus prolonging their hopes for the trophy.

Team Secret’s hopes and dreams were cut off for good in game four as OG was ready to take the ultimate win - they took down the ESL One Frankfurt champions and claimed the first ever Dota 2 championship - GG!

A true Cinderella story

OG showed us an ultimate Cinderella story during this major. After not being directly invited to the Frankfurt Major, they secured themselves a slot through the European qualifiers. They then finished the group stage at the third slot and got moved to the lower bracket where they fought their way through several matchups and beat teams considered bigger favourites. They made their way into the grand finals and proved everyone they are truly worthy of the trophy and the Dota 2 major championship.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event in person or tuned in online and who helped making this major happen. Thank you to all of the teams and players for unforgettable plays and tons of emotions. We are looking forward to more amazing Dota 2 in the near future. See you then!


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