The European Halo Championship Series: Pro League Fall 2016 Season rosters are locked

Rosters locked this Monday for the Fall Season of the European HCS Pro League and we saw several transfers as teams try and find the perfect mix to compete for that first place spot. While many were expecting changes, I don’t think anyone quite predicted that FabE, the winner of Summer Season, would be making a change. Swapping a K for a J, the team saw Kimbo depart and Jimbo make the move onto the reigning champion’s side. As one of the most popular streamers in Europe with a vast amount of Halo success under his belt, there is no doubt Jim will fit right in alongside some of the best players in Europe.


The champs won’t be known as FabE however, as this team finds itself looking for a new organization.

  • Brandon ‘Respectful’ Stones
  • Perry ‘TuFoxy’ Kenyon
  • Luciano ‘Mose’ Calvanico
  • James ‘Jimbo’ Bradbook (+)
  • Robert ‘Kimbo’ Faulk (-)


Infused, who qualified for the EU Summer 2016 Season Finals with the second seed, found themselves finishing fourth overall. Despite the achievement of making Finals ahead of teams such as Dinosaurs, clearly players wanted to push further and decided to swap out Warlord for Havoc. Havoc was at the Summer Finals too, coaching FabE. Kimbo had to end up somewhere and he landed himself a spot on Infused in favor of previous HWC finalist Doodle. With a Summer Season winner, the man who coached the winning team to victory, and two young naturally talented players, could Infused fight their way to the top?

  • Ryan ‘Batchford’ Batchelor
  • Hamzah ‘Phlux’ Nackvi
  • Liam ‘Havoc’ Peck (+)
  • Robert ‘Kimbo’ Faulk (+)
  • Stuart ‘Warlord’ Graham (-) Daniel ‘Doodle’ Peterson (-)


With Jimbo leaving after Summer Finals, X-Men ended up having to make a move for some new talent in their squad. Unsurprisingly, Snipedrone also departed, although his long time partnership with Jimbo is sadly no more. With two spots to fill, Ramirez and Chalkie have opted to pick up Lunny, previously of Vibe, who is no stranger to competing amongst the best. To complete their lineup they went for sheer slaying power in the form of Anima, a German player whose name strikes fear into many. Anima was on one of the challenger teams that came so close to qualifying for Fall 2016 Season, and it was just a matter of time before a Pro League team took him aboard. This could be an absolutely ferocious team and it’s exactly the freshness this lineup needed to move forward.

  • Andrew ‘Ramirez’ Corrigan
  • Jake ‘Chalkie’ White
  • Casey ‘Lunny’ Lunn (+)
  • Dave ‘Anima’ Groß (+)
  • James ‘Jimbo’ Bradbook (-) Michael ‘Snipedrone’ Jurchau (-)


Vibe fought against all odds to qualify for Summer Finals and were the surprise package of the tournament, out-placing Infused with an emphatic win. However, with changes being up in the air and losing Lunny to X-Men, Vibe gained Snipedrone in his place. The more surprising matter is the replacement of Riotz, a seasoned veteran who added to the team’s chemistry and talent immensely. Instead they swept Qristola from under the claws of the Dinosaurs, to complete their lineup for the season. Vibe have featured many a player over their history, but their Summer 2016 Season lineup was definitely a fan favourite for their charismatic nature. We will have to wait and see whether this will be another passionate, fun-filled Vibe squad.

  • Robbie ‘SeptiQ’ Singleton
  • Arkel ‘Snakey’ Brown
  • Michael ‘Snipedrone’ Jurchau (+)
  • Chris ‘Qristola’ O’Keefe (+)
  • Max ‘Riotz’ Cottle (-) Casey ‘Lunny’ Lunn (-)


The final change before the pre-season lock came from Dinosaurs who inevitably had to replace Qristola. With the addition of Vexzeus, Dinosaurs welcome the second player featured in the challenger series to the HCS Pro League. The Buk’s following a similar mentality as they did with Qristola and entrusting a slightly less experienced player for their exceptional ability on Halo 5. The Dinosaurs finished the season in Relegation and had to fight pretty hard to retain their spot. They definitely won’t want to be in that position again and Vexzeus could be the man to ensure that doesn’t happen.

  • Will ‘BUK 57’ Buck
  • Alex ‘BUK 20’ Buck
  • Daniel ‘Flamez’ Young
  • Conor ‘VexZeus’ Scally (+)
  • Chris ‘Qristola’ O’Keefe (-)


That leaves us with Pulse, the French god squad that finished at the bottom of the table during Summer Season. They showed dominance with a passion-filled performance during the end of the season, especially at Relegation when they solidified their spot in the Fall 2016 Season. They’re the only team not to make a change, which could prove to be a very wise move, as often experience and teamwork are so crucial to matchups. Pulse will have a serious point to prove after last season and captain SLG will be looking to rally his team toward the Fall 2016 Season Finals.

  • Norwen ‘SLG’ Le Galloudec
  • Dorian ‘CxLii’ D’Angio
  • Leroy ‘PuniShR’ Romain
  • Sonny ‘Fragxr’ Marchaland

Those are the six European squads heading into the Fall 2016 Season and some incredible games are on the horizon. Join us on September 14 when we kick off the European HCS Pro League Fall 2016 Season. All streams will be live on Be sure to follow ESL Halo on Twitter and Facebook for all updates and information.


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